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LITERARY LOCAL | Aurora Author Launches 6th Book In Series of Inspiring Children's Books

STACEY MONTGOMERY What Are Your Big Dreams? AURORA–Aurora author, Stacey Montgomery has created a series of prompted journal books aimed at children. Her latest book, What Are Your Big Dreams? is the 6th in the series and provides a space for goal setting through a series of engaging, fun and thought-provoking prompts. The writer is encouraged to think about their goals and dreams and to take steps to reach them. She wrote What Are Your Big Dreams with girls ages 8-12 in mind, but truly, it is a great tool for boys, older kids and adults as well.

Stacey has a law degree, but instead of practicing law, she decided to pursue her passion illustrating, writing and working with kids. “With my series of guided journals and the workshops I offer, I am living my dream,” says Stacey. To ensure that her books stay on theme, she has an editorial team of three to help ensure content makes sense, is age appropriate and is impactful. Other books in her “My Super Powers!” series include What’s Your Super Power?, What Makes You Believe in Yourself? and Why is Different so Awesome?

You can find Stacey’s guided journals on Amazon, through her website,, and she also sells directly to schools and youth groups.

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