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COVER STORY | Holistic Influencer, Debbie Ladeur of Naperville

DEBBIE LADEUR | Naperville Regional Vice President, Arbonne

Debbie loves cooking healthy recipes with her husband Jeff and three boys, Luke (24), Andrew (22), and Nate (16); indulging in hot fudge sundaes; and then burning it all off as a Zumba instructor. Additionally, as the Regional Vice President of Arbonne, she has a passion for helping others feel better about their skin and overall health by sharing with them the ease of simple choices to gain energy, lose weight, and feel great!

“You have one body that God gave you, when you take care of yourself, eating healthy, using healthy products on your skin I believe you will live a happier, fruitful life,” Debbie says. “When you feel good, it shows in all aspects of your life.”

Since life is very busy, her favorite go-to snack is Arbonne’s delicious chocolate protein shakes because they are quick to make, nutritious, vegan and keep you full until lunch or dinner. She also loves organic hardboiled eggs with avocado, or organic green apples since they have less sugar than a red.

Debbie feels blessed to have helped people get off of prescription medications, sleep better, think clearer, and find energy that they never thought they could ever feel again! (Debbie is pictured Above)



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