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MEET RANDI MOXI Executive Director, Illinois International Pageants/ Moxi Royalty Inc., Chicago Randi studied Theater and Communications at Marshall University and owns her own Marketing, Branding and Event Production Company in Chicago. She lives in the suburbs with her husband, Jason Kral and four rescued, pitbull mix “fur children”. She continues to honor her grandmother’s legacy through being an advocate for animals and empowering through pageantry.

“As a young girl in a rural area, it was really amazing to see the way young girls looked at my grandmother in awe when she would teach them every summer,” Randi says. “She was a woman telling them they could be whatever they wanted to be - she believed in them so much, that they started to believe as well.”

Randi has been involved in pageantry since the age of three; it became her way of life and taught her so much about herself and what she wanted out of life growing up. It is one of the main reasons she was able to get an education that led to her success in business, networking and collaboration.


“Only one girl wins, but when a system is run right, your confidence and circle of power women expands with each experience,” Randi says. “I would not be who I am today without those experiences and that team of amazing women that I was blessed with along the way.”

Along the way, Randi met many people who were considered "famous" but her grandmother always advised to treat everyone exactly the same, and if she was ever in a position of such perceived power, that is was her job to use it to help others.

As the Executive Director of Illinois International Pageants, Randi’s position is as an act of service to empower women, produce an event, and spend a year helping the titleholders achieve their personal and professional goals.

“It takes a lot of time, talent and treasure, especially since I own other businesses, but I have a phenomenal team, and it was a gift from God, so there will always be time to work for Him,” she says.

Locally, Randi has served as the press liaison and spokesperson for the Golf Give Gala held at Hotel Baker in St. Charles. She is also involved with Players for Pits, Hero Project Lake County, WAGS, Ignite the Spirit, A Safe Haven Foundation, The Puppy Mill Project, and others.

She feels blessed to have had many enriching experiences throughout her life and believes in a holistic lifestyle.



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