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A GRR-IFIC EXHIBIT | Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Ends May 12


It’s Almost Time to Say Goodbye to Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: A Grr-ific Exhibit

The exhibit is open through Sunday, May 12 at DuPage Children’s Museum

The last day to step into Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: A Grr-ific Exhibit is Sunday, May 12, 2019. Visit before it’s gone. This exhibit brings to life the themes presented in the award-winning PBS Kids television series created by The Fred Rogers Company that follows the adventures of 4-year-old Daniel Tiger and his friends.

In Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: A Grr-ific Exhibit children enter the world of Daniel Tiger and friends to explore the Neighborhood. Through immersive experiences, visitors collaborate to solve problems, use their imaginations to transform their surroundings, and play along with Daniel’s singable strategies as they learn life’s little lessons. The exhibit, created by Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh in partnership with The Fred Rogers Company, brings to life the themes presented in the PBS series such as community, communication, and emotions, which enables young children to understand their feelings and those of their neighbors. Visitors can walk the paths and hear the sounds of Daniel’s world as they encounter the meaning of empathy, gratitude, sharing, and diversity in an environment of creative and interactive play. Through music, kids can also sing along with Daniel, work together to solve problems, and even experience the contagious nature of kindness.

“This exhibit has added an extra layer of social-emotional skill building to help children and their adult caregivers explore and navigate feelings to build competencies like self-awareness and self-regulation. Daniel’s strategies help children learn to recognize and accurately label their emotions and identify ways to be helpful toward others,” said Julie Carlsen, Vice President of Strategic Engagement, DuPage Children’s Museum. “DCM is proud to provide children and families with the resources and spaces to learn together and build interpersonal skills that help children make positive choices when interacting with friends and family.”

“Daniel speaks directly to children, and he is their age,” notes Paul Siefken, President and Chief Executive Officer with The Fred Rogers Company. “Because of that, they see him as their friend, and he goes through a lot of the challenges that they face, whether it’s dealing with mad feelings or learning how to share.”

Along with the emotional lessons gleaned in the Neighborhood, visitors can:

● Transform into to a favorite character with masks and costumes

● Compose a song or play along with one-of-a-kind instruments

● Visit the Post Office and sort, deliver, and receive packages and letters

● Create stories through the Movable Character Mural

● Step inside the Clock Factory to play with a variety of clocks

● Identify spots in one’s own neighborhood on the interactive world map

● Write or draw thank-you notes and put them on the Thank You Tree

● Cozy up with a good book in O the Owl’s Reading Nest

● Stroll with a Trolley along the path, and ring the bell upon arrival!

Museum staff have enjoyed reading the thoughtful strategies and Thank You Tree notes left behind by visitors. Thank yous have included children thanking their caregiver for bringing them to the Museum, being thankful for siblings and best friends, thanking a Museum staff for taking the time to play with them, and thanking a teacher for helping when they felt sad. Some favorite strategies have included: remembering that the only thing that you can control is your attitude, hugging for 6 seconds when feeling frustrated, and many more. Stop by the exhibit to leave your own thank you or strategy, or just take a look at what’s already there.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: A Grr-ific Exhibit was made possible through local sponsorship by DuPage Medical Group. The exhibit continues its multi-year run as a traveling exhibit with its next stop being the Mississippi Children’s Museum.

While it will be difficult to say goodbye to such a popular, engaging exhibit, DuPage Children’s Museum has some exciting plans in the works. Back by popular demand for the summer, DCM Express, a pop-up exhibit featuring trains, will be opening by Friday, May 17. Also, back by popular demand, Art Is Instrumental REMIX will be opening by Friday, May 24. Stay tuned for more details.

Admission to DuPage Children's Museum is $12 for adults and children age 1 and older, and $10 for seniors; it's free for members and children less than one year.

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