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COVER STORY | Table Talk with Mom

May 2019, Glancer Magazine, Table Talk with Mom


This month we're celebrating west suburban mom and daughter duos who are dynamic in every way. From sharing hobbies, and their love for giving back, to passing down traditions to the next generation, each story is just as beautiful and inspiring as the next.

Ann Jansen and Jen Jansen DiNello of Naperville, Glancer

Meet Ann Jansen and Jen Jansen DiNello of Naperville

Naperville Woman's Club

Meet Ann Jansen and Jen Jansen DiNello of NapervilleAnn is a 5th generation “Napervillian” who was raised by Gertrude and Frank Wehrli - she is the baby of 13 children! Some of her childhood was spent in The Pre-Emption house, which her mother’s family ran as a hotel in Naperville. Her Mother was a widow at the age of 50 and left to raise her children alone. Ann learned from her mother to stay true to your heart, follow your passion, be strong, and work hard which she has passed on to her own three children! She lives by the motto, ‘a strong faith in God, dedication to your town and volunteering in all things possible.

’She feels fortunate to be involved with the Naperville Women’s Club with her daughter, Jen. Their favorite projects are The Naperville Art Fair, Witch's Night Out, and decorating the bride’s room on the lower level at NWC.Beyond their daily jobs of hairdresser and teacher, Ann is also a water aerobics instructor at North Central College and Centennial Beach - a program developed by Jen while she was in college at The University of Iowa receiving her degree as a physical education teacher. With an eye on community, there’s nothing stopping this dynamic duo!


Meet Jenne and Josie Elsebaie of Geneva

Geneva Woman's Club Through years of discovering National Parks and historic places, Jenne’s grandparents instilled a sense of exploring and preserving resources which she is passing on to her children.

As a member of the Geneva Women’s Club, Jenne and her 8 year-old daughter are able to enjoy outdoor projects together, such as the downtown Geneva beautification gardening project. With a joint love of doing arts and crafts together, the pair can combine their passion for the open-air with their creative knack.

Jenne is constantly looking for learning and growing opportunities, those she learned from her Chicago Public School System elementary classroom and beyond.

“I have learned so much from my students and that has helped me be a better mom; and in return, my kids have taught me how to be a better teacher and I will use that new knowledge when I re-enter the classroom.”

Her daughter Josie sums up one of the most valuable lessons translated over the years, “A strong girl is like Supergirl or Wonder Woman because she is caring, helps people when they are in danger, knows the difference between right and wrong, stands up for what she believes in, is trustworthy, solves problems, and is persistent and doesn’t give up.”


Meet Jane Walker and Karin Krafcisin of Western Springs

Garden Club of Hinsdale Jane and Karin’s mother-daughter relationship has always been enhanced by their love of the arts. Jane earned a BFA in Painting and Art History. Her works include figure drawings and abstract paintings. Karin has a BA in Communications and has spent years training in dance, combining her two passions into careers - freelance copywriting and teaching ballet.

Both mom and daughter value hard work; possess a curiosity for learning, a deep empathy and compassion for others; and commit to their community by serving at the Garden Club of Hinsdale, allowing for quality time together.

“My favorite memory was when I worked as Day Chair with my mom,” Karin shares. “The theme for the meeting was Artistic Glorious Gardens with a discussion about beautiful gardens painted by impressionists. My mom shared her amazing artistic vision for the meeting through thematic tableware and props and I was amazed by her vast knowledge of impressionists such as Monet and Manet.”

This vibrant duo sets a shining example through improving talents, setting goals, and living a life filled with purpose while fully appreciating life’s special moments with family. Both believe that there is nothing more powerful than taking time out to have fun and appreciate the ones you love.



Meet Stephanie Weber and Jennifer Slepicka of Batavia and Yorkville

Suicide Prevention Services In Batavia Since Stephanie’s own mom took her life in 1979, Stephanie’s focus and career became suicide prevention. She started a support group in 1982, The Crisis Line of the Fox Valley in 1984, and Suicide Prevention Services in Batavia in 1998. She is also an adjunct professor at Aurora University and teaches a suicide prevention class and a gerontology class to students pursuing their Master’s Degree in Social Work.

Watching her mother, Jen learned early on that she too could be the one person that can make a difference in someone else’s life. She immersed herself in volunteering at Suicide Prevention Services (SPS) with her mom - helping with the hotline, Here for Life Memorial Walks, hosting free hug booths at local events, and marching Santas down Rt. 47 in Yorkville. Jen eventually took on a full-time career as the Director of Internet Marketing at SPS and continues to help her mom on the mission of hope and healing.

Both mom and daughter got semi-colons tattoos on their ankles and wrists. When they put together, they have a large butterfly. They have both experienced that people start conversations when they see them, allowing the pair to create more awareness surrounding the tough topic.


Meet Patty and Katie Cavanagh of Glen Ellyn

Glen Ellyn Infant Welfare Patty has been in Glen Ellyn Infant Welfare since her 15-year-old son was born and now both of her children are involved in GEIW Junior Volunteers working to raise money for the 22 family focused agencies that help those in need in the community. She is excited to be assisting with the GEIW Junior Volunteers main fundraising event with her daughter Katie, who has been a member for the past 4 years. The Family Concert will be at Glenbard West High School on May 5 from 1pm to 3pm and Patty is so proud of Katie and her leadership roles in this and so many other organizations.

Patty also works with Glen Ellyn Moms Village as the Community Director; as well as spearheads the Glen Ellyn Proud Volunteer Facebook Group, to encourage people to get involved in different ways to help the community thrive. Katie is following in her mom’s footsteps and also active in helping others through volunteering at Central DuPage Hospital and Young Life.

This power combo believes in creating solutions to problems, taking passions and turning them into businesses, and using their skills to volunteer in the community.



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