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HEALTHY & HAPPY | Look Your Best With Medically Monitored Weight Loss

LEARN HOW THINFASTMD CAN HELP YOU REACH YOUR GOALS At ThinfastMD we specialize in Medically Monitored Weight Loss throughout the Chicagoland area. Our weight loss programs are specifically customized and tailored to each patient’s health and weight loss goals. Whether you want to lose 5 lbs before a special occasion, or 50 lbs to live a healthier medication free life, we are committed to getting each of our patients to their goal. Our long-term relationship with our patients not only ensures that they achieve a better lifestyle, but continue to maintain one well after meeting their goals. Dr. Ghani, our medical director, and the rest of the ThinfastMD team have over 3 decades of weight loss experience. We are ready to take you on a path for a lighter and healthier you! Learn more at



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