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THE GONZALES & RAMOS FAMILY | Happily Engaged & Having Fun


MONTGOMERY–It was the magical proposal of 2018 that hit the viral waves of social media in the western suburbs. At the City of Aurora RiverEdge Park in downtown, beneath the Winter on the Fox illumination display, Pedro Gonzalez got down on one knee and proposed to not one, but three people.

First to 8 year old Donald Ramos, “Will you be my son?”

Next to 5 year old Brenna Ramos, “Will you be my daughter?”

Last to their mother, Belinda Ramos, “Will you marry me?”

“Being a father figure to the kids I felt it was only right to propose to her kids first and then to her,” Pedro says. “I wouldn’t be marrying just her I would be marrying her and her kids.”

Joyfully, they all said, yes and will plan a wedding in the next couple of years, hoping to honeymoon someplace tropical. In the meantime, they all work as one.

“We are a team, a family, a whole,” Pedro shares. “Without one or the other we can’t function. We are not a prefect family but each of us is perfect in our own way, flaws and all. That makes us perfect. That makes us a family.”

Brenna and Donald are thriving academically in school and participate in gymnastics and baseball respectively. Belinda works a full time job as a wax specialist at European Wax Center in Naperville, as well as a wax specialist and microblading as her own business called KayBre’s.

Pedro works third shift at a paper and container company called WestRock. Working 80+ hours a week, the couple balances their days around the kids, always communicating to keep each in the loop on what’s going on and how everyone is doing.

Patience and communication is the core of the family and their different personalities work seamlessly together. –Kristen Kucharski, Photo by Mike Mantucca



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