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CHRIS & TAROH | Wheaton/Warrenville Couple Lucky In Love


WHEATON / WARRENVILLE–Chris Strong and Taroh Saenz practiced yoga together at the same studio for a couple of years, yet never said more than three words to each other. The start of their friendship was at a yoga festival.

After that conversation, Taroh knew she needed his kindness in her life and sent him a friend request on Facebook. Besides yoga, the social media connection uncovered their common interests in social justice and their viewpoint of the world. At one point, Chris offered to help her (he presumed with social justice activism), and she asked him to come and help fix her grill, where they connected on their shared passions. They have been inseparable ever since.

Currently they practice at Yoga by Degrees and the Yoga Cave, where Chris is a minority owner.Chris and Taroh plan on marrying this spring. They both agree that, “we are each other’s dream come true,” a perfect fit emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and physically.​ –Mindy Kyle, Photos by Mike Mantucca




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