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BOUTIQUE OWNER GIVES BACK | Making Others Feel Extra Special


GLEN ELLYN– Michael Perich, owner of The Gnome Colony Co. in Glen Ellyn has always had a passion for the beautiful things in life that create a story and visually translate that story as well. His boutique is a place where women of all ages, shapes and sizes can cross the threshold into a land of love, whimsy and wishes. It’s an experience for the senses and you will find nothing but beautiful pieces that please the eye, warm the soul and ignite a spark in the imagination.

Anyone who truly knows Michael knows that he is a man who prefers to give than to receive while fully appreciating seeing a woman smile and feel adored, loved, appreciated, and all around better about herself.

Although most people think of charitable acts of kindness over the holidays, Michael believes in living this philosophy. This past holiday season he donated stretch stacking bracelets to seniors throughout the community, starting with Travanse Living in Wheaton and Arden Courts in Glen Ellyn.

“Nothing compares to the feeling of goodness that fills your heart and soul like being selfless and giving to another human being that needs a little love, tenderness and kindness,” he says. “If I had the resources of a multi-millionaire, I would start a charity called "I MATTER" where this would be done on a daily basis for centers around the world.”

The legacy Michael wants to leave behind is the remembrance of how he made people feel.

Above Photo: Michael gives a sweet gift to a resident at Travanse Living In Wheaton

Photo Gallery by Mike Mantucca