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WEST SUBURBAN VIP | Meet Eric Ferguson of Hinsdale/Elburn

JUST ANOTHER GUY.... Eric in the Morning with Melissa and Whip, 101.9fm THE MIX Chicago HINSDALE/ELBURN–He has lived in Hinsdale for seven years. Locals might spot him at Fuller House Bar in Hinsdale, playing golf at the Butterfield Country Club in Oak Brook, or on the tennis courts at Hinsdale Racquet Club; though, most of Chicago hears his voice every morning on The Eric in the Morning Show with Melissa and Whip on 101.9fm, THE MIX Chicago.

Ferguson has been working for WTMX for nearly 23 years and loves it. “I feel at home and alive in that radio booth, thrilled and excited,” he says. “I’m getting paid to do exactly what I want to be doing!” He loves the fact that no two days are the same; but is still challenged by the hours of the job.

“The human body is not designed to get up that early,” he says. “However, each day when I arrive, I know I’m going to laugh and have a good time.”

Over the years, he has had dinner with Oprah and chats with Jon Bon Jovi, but he is still very much your everyday suburban guy. Ferguson grew up in Elburn. His fond childhood memories of riding his bike and hanging out with friends is the very thing that brought him back to the suburbs with his own family.

“Hinsdale gives the Mayberry type feeling,” Ferguson shares. “It has a little town feel with all the amenities of city of life – it’s a great place for my kids.”

He and his wife Jen have 4 kids - 17 year-old twins, Avery and Ethan who are seniors. Ethan attends Benet Academy and is on the varsity soccer team. Avery attends The Chicago Academy for the Performing Arts in the city and is actively involved with theater and stage. Peyton is 15 and also attends Benet Academy, is on the cheerleading squad, and involved with theater. His stepdaughter, Meghan, lives in Traverse City with sights set on a return to Chicago soon!

Ferguson’s is just Eric to his neighbors and he loves that. His profession is rarely discussed. “I end up taking the garbage out to the curb just like everyone else!”

To most, Ferguson appears a natural entertainer, but he is admittedly fairly quiet and introverted outside the radio booth. “When you talk for a living, it’s nice in your personal time to hear others handle the speaking.”

He is a father, a popular radio host, a quiet man – and he loves just being another guy on the block. -Kristen Kucharski, Features Writer – Photos Submitted



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