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We’ve been so lucky that Naperville Kayak continues to bring the new and exciting to Naperville on a regular basis. It began with kayaks at the quarry to kayaks on the river to paddleboards at the quarry to paddleboards on the river.

Now Naperville Kayak continues to bring outdoor fun and adventure to the west suburbs with new E-Bikes! Electrically assisted bicycles that look and feel like a normal bike, but it gives you an extra boost so you can cruise faster for longer, up to 20mph. They are super safe and you can choose your own boost level based of your comfort and experience. The onboard computer measures your wattage output to the pedals and gives you the desired extra boost. Needless to say, my group of teens all felt confident setting the highest level of boost possible to ensure maximum speed. Good thing a helmet is included in every rental and no previous experience is required!

The kids loved the flexibility of choosing their own route since you are not limited to riding in a circle or a designated area. Although Naperville Kayak will offer you a map of recommended scenic routes, you are free to choose your own path to adventure; and since teenagers don’t like being told what to do or where to go, this worked well! I loved the freedom to take the bikes into downtown Naperville and grab some ice cream, or head to Whalon Lake to see some wildlife. And of course, the E-Bikes are not just for teens and would make for a unique date with that special someone or a fun get together with the neighborhood moms.

Overview New for 2018! Naperville Kayak is now offering E-bike Adventures for 16 year olds with a valid driver’s license! Electrically assisted bicycles that look and feel like a normal bike, but it gives you an extra boost so you can cruise faster for longer. Like you on a bike, but more bionic and super-powered you; the harder you push, the more boost you get, until you hit 20mph.

Naperville Kayak DuPage River Sports Complex 2807 Washington Street, Naperville (630) 300-4527

Hours: Tuesday-Sunday (weather permitting) starting Memorial Day Weekend-End of September. Check-in: 9:15 a.m. to 6:15 p.m.

Price $: $50/bike for 1.5hour adventure. Check Groupon for Discounts

ABOUT THE WRITER Naperville mom Kristen Kucharski graduated from Illinois State University in 1992 with an International Business Degree. She is married and has two energetic daughters and her house is always full of children. Kristen’s column titled, Mom's Little Black Book, is a monthly feature written for moms who are looking for ways to keep their kids busy.



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