KITCHEN MAKEOVER | A Beautiful & Simple West Suburban Transformation

A TERRIFIC TIMELY TRANSFORMATION The kitchen is the heart of the home, so remodeling can feel overwhelming unless you are working with Tupelo Lane Designs, known for completely transforming kitchens in less than a week!

A women-owned and operated business, the team at Tupelo Lane Designs made up of all women, puts efficiency and professional quality together while refinishing cabinetry with artistic surfaces such as glazing, pin striping, color washes, etc. The owner, Michele Fenton of Naperville, is a Master Craftsman and has trained under world renowned cabinet finishers while continually taking classes to stay ahead of the trends and techniques.

“We thought this 14 year old kitchen was a perfect candidate for cabinetry refinishing,” Michele says. “Their cabinets were in good shape and the layout worked for the family, but they wanted an update; so, for less than a ¼ of the price of new cabinets they got a beautiful new kitchen.”

The kitchen featured here is located in west suburban Sugar Grove. As you can see by the before & after photos, the homeowners goal of wanting a much brighter look was achieved. Additionally, they wanted more contrast between the floor coloring and the cabinets, which was also accomplished.

With the popularity of home improvement shows and Pinterest, Michele says clients usually have clear, realistic expectations, but often have difficulty choosing colors. Tupelo Lane Designs has years of experience color consulting and can help find the perfect color that works for the home. The color shown here is Simply White and it was chosen based on the lighting in the home and the way the sunlight shines in at different times of day.

The homeowners for this featured kitchen had to do minimal work to prepare for the transformation. Cabinets did NOT have to be emptied, as Michele’s team only needs a couple of inches around the interior frames, so it only tooke them a ½ hour tops to get ready for the design team to come in and get started.

“We simply love everything about our new kitchen. It turned out exactly as we hadhoped for and could not believe how comfortable the price was. From start to finish Tupelo Lane Designs were in and out of our home in 4 days– we were simply ecstatic on that 5th day. We added a few updated accessories and our kitchen was complete – appearing bright, beautiul and updated.” said the homeowner.

To find out if cabinet refinishing is a good financial fit for your budget, just click the “Get Quote” tab on their website and upload photos of your project today!

5 Things You’ll Love About Tupelo Lane Designs

1. Quick quote provided online 2. Makes a huge difference in 3-5 days, without disrupting the flow of the home 3. Women-owned, run, and worked business 4. Updated cabinets increase a home’s value 5. High quality factory finishes

Tupelo Lane Designs (630) 200-3295,

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