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Vintage Decor, Glancer Magazine, April 2018


WEST SUBURBAN CHICAGO–What defines antique or vintage? People always ask that question. “The industry has a firm rule that to be antique an item must be a minimum of 100 years old,” says Stephanie Thomas of Tinker Thoms Antiques in Oswego. “Vintage is usually anything between 50-100 years old; although you will find that both terms are used loosely.”

She and her husband Darrel find that people are fascinated with the history behind any of the pieces. “They want to know the age, how was it made, where did it come from, etc.,” Stephanie adds. “We try to gather as much info on items as we buy them, so we can pass that knowledge on to the buyer as these are items that have passed the test of time.”

Ellie McLoone of Treasure Broker LLC in Geneva agrees that clients love vintage home décor because of the quality of the workmanship, solid wood construction, unique design, and the warm comfortable style it brings to a room. Her favorite piece currently on the floor is a Marshall Field's drafting table made of beautiful mahogany wood, but she also has many pieces she refurbished herself that she takes great pride in, such as a vintage settee, circa 1950, that she took down to the frame, restrung the springs, and basically rebuilt the entire inside of the settee reusing the original horsehair stuffing and the original seat cushions from the 50’s.

Vintage treasures come from all over the world, including auctions, flea markets, estate sales, basements, attics, and barns. “The furniture once fixed up is sturdy and has great structure,” says Ashley Durham of The Vintage Market in Aurora. “We love to make older furniture and mix in newer decor for a vintage inspired home.” -Kristen Kucharski



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