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HOME + GARDEN | Unique Home Designers And How to Find Them

Home Designers, Glancer Magazine, March 18


When it comes to designing your dream kitchen or your dream remodeling project, it sometimes is daunting to figure out where to start to find the right designer for the project. The most important aspect in finding the designer for you is to find one you connect with. “Having a long list of certificates and licenses can help, but if you don’t connect with the designer, those are just pieces of paper that don’t really ensure a good fit,” says Jacki Finstrom of JAX Designs, who has been designing creative spaces for sixteen years. “What one client needs is different than the next, and a designer should be able to cater to each one.” Here are a couple of ideas to help you find the right fit.

SHOWROOMS Many larger design companies have a staff of designers that showcase their creative work in their showrooms. Take some time to visit these facilities and check out the different styles of work they have done. See our 7 Spectacular Showrooms to Marvel at listed on page 46 of this month’s issue.

PORTFOLIOS For those designers that don’t have large showrooms, they usually have portfolios of pictures from past jobs they can show you. They can also walk you through their inspiration and creative path for each project. These conversations can help you get a feel of their personality and if you would work well with them.

FACEBOOK Many designers and design companies take their portfolio to social media. Facebook pages are stock full of pictures that you can peruse on your own time before you even make your first appointment.



REFERRALS This is probably the best indication if you will be happy with your designer. If your friends have worked with them previously and had a great experience. Nowadays, it doesn’t even have to be someone you know. A shout out for referrals to your subdivision Facebook page or one of the several mommy/parent Facebook pages in the community will most likely give you a good selection to start with.

Once you have found a few designers you would like to consider, remember it is always best to get three or four quotes and design ideas for the same project. As designers’ ideas vary, so do their prices. Don’t expect them to leave copies of their design plans, that is just a smart way for them to safeguard their work. “A unique designer is one that gets excited about every opportunity and looks for an innovative approach to a design challenge,” says Finstrom. “If you find a designer that gets excited about every project, keep them around!” -Mindy Kyle

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