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PEDIS-n-PASSPORTS | Next Stop, Louisville Kentucky

Pedis-n-Passports, Glancer Magazine, Kentucky


It’s Brooke and I am beyond excited to tell you about an epic experience that I had on our drive home from Nashville.We made a pit stop at Mega Caverns in Louisville, Kentucky. My mom didn't tell me much about it, and honestly when we pulled up, I was confused. I knew we were going ziplining, so my eyes were fixed on the treetops. Boy, was I definitely looking in the wrong direction!

At Mega Caverns, you will be ziplining in dark caves a hundred feet beneath the earth's surface! I didn't even realize this was a thing and it is apparently the only one in the entire world! How cool is that?!

Our guides spent a good 20 minutes going over safety instructions and ensuring our equipment was properly in place.The age range of people in our group was 8-year-olds to about 60 year-olds, and there was a mix of people who had never zipped to those who had ample experience. We had two French exchange students with us who had both never zip lined before and were quite apprehensive to say the least.Nevertheless, everyone felt completely safe the entire time. The tour lasted 2 1/2 hours and each second was mind-blowing and blood-tingling!

With our miner's helmets on, we headed deep into the dark caverns after practicing on the bunny zip.There are a total of six ziplines and each one offers something unique. All had incredible scenery.If you are terrified of heights, like my mom, your knees may be a bit weak, because you will definitely be up high, but the guides will make sure to help you muster up the courage to take flight. They are also quite funny and put you at ease.

Thrilling suspension bridges and glowing colorful lights mixed with total darkness and a mysterious aura await you as you zoom across hundreds of feet of cable.You even get to see your shadow as you zip across the gorges. Just being in the cave itself was amazing--hearing the water flowing, seeing the budding stalactites, learning about the history of the caverns--a total exhilarating and one-of-a-kind experience!

Only five hours from Chicago, Mega Caverns is absolutely a must do for your family. Be prepared to say "WOW" a lot!

ABOUT THE BLOGGERS Naperville mom and teacher, Kristen Kainrath and her teen daughter, Brooke, are a mother-daughter travel-blogging team who have always shared an incurable case of wanderlust. Their goal is to inspire girls to follow their passions and appreciate the diversity of our global community. Follow them on their journeys at and watch for their monthly article inside Glancer Magazine in 2017.

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