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It’s January, and although we should be thinking of our health all year long, it always seems to be the time of year where health goals are renewed and the thoughts of trying something new arise. These three west suburban health experts offer some different programs and a little free advice for 2018.

Janelle Sullivan, Glen Ellyn RISE Fitness/Cycle Fitness If you are looking for high energy and fun in your fitness goals, then Janelle Sullivan is your gal. It was her passion for delivering a motivating fitness experience for others that led her to quit a successful pharmaceutical career and open RISE, a fitness boutique in the heart of Glen Ellyn. “I realized quickly that whether you’re doing a push-up, crunch or cardio exercise, the instructor has full control of the learning environment and influence (positive or negative) on the students,” says Janelle.

RISE is a one-of-a-kind studio that celebrates inspiration, energy and good health no matter what your fitness level. “We adapt and customize our movements to everyone’s abilities and pride ourselves on fostering an inclusive environment where all are welcome!” states Janelle. She is quick to point out the success of RISE is more due to their extremely talented fitness leaders that have created excellent connections with clients.

Three times a year, RISE offers a fitness and nutrition challenge called the RISE challenge. It is a 6 to 8-week program that include special classes, meal plans, accountability teams and motivation to help you achieve your goals. During these challenges, clients lose record breaking inches and pounds and develop healthier lifestyle habits. Perfect for those upcoming New Year’s resolutions. You can learn more about the studio at

Janelle’s 2018 Health Advice:

• What is written down, gets done”- write out your health and fitness goals and make them known to others. • Knowledge is Power” – Learn about food and nutrition. It’s amazing what simple changes can do for your health and energy. • Variety is the Spice of Life” – Change up your workouts on a regular basis to keep your fitness routine exciting and challenging

Dr. Jennifer Wise, Naperville Synergy Institute Dr. Jennifer Wise of Naperville has taken her multiple areas of expertise and rolled it into one health and wellness center – The Synergy Institute. Combining her Doctor of Chiropractic, degree in Acupuncture, a unique weight loss plan, and vast knowledge of valuable facial, skin and body contouring services, clients can get an over-all health treatment plan in one facility. “We pride ourselves on our honest approach with our clients regarding appropriate services for their concerns,” says Dr. Wise. “We’ve helped so many people with a wide variety of ailments to look and feel their best.”

The Synergy Institute’s weight loss method is a highly successful program that has not only assisted many with healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes, but has also allowed clients to stop taking medications for an array of health ailments such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Dr. Wise was first inspired while observing a chiropractor in college and witnessing patients getting better from the treatments. She knew she wanted to have a private practice to do the same. With her clients being able to find solutions to overall internal health with chiropractic work and acupuncture, they can then turn to Synergy’s Med Spa to find external health with the most advanced procedures in facials and skin rejuvenation. You can learn more about the institute at

Dr. Wise’s 2018 Health Advice:

• Stretch regularly • Follow a low-sugar, low carb, adequate protein, high nutrient dense diet • Maintain spinal health through chiropractic care

Dr. Rob Gregory, Geneva Longevity Health and Fitness Dr. Rob Gregory has many solutions for your health and wellness plan this year. As a Certified Strength Coach and Personal Trainer for almost 20 years, a licensed Massage Therapist for 16, a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Master’s Degree in Acupuncture there isn’t much left out for physical fitness. “I use a unique blend of Western and Eastern physical medicine approaches to provide multiple services that improve health and wellness,” says Dr. Gregory. “My services are not just for current injuries, but also for prevention of future issues and post-activity recovery.”

Dr. Gregory lives in Geneva with his wife, Melissa and their two children, Xander (7) and Marrea (2) and is the owner of Geneva’s Longevity Health and Fitness Center, a place to find a whole body and preventative approach to fitness, health and wellness. “I am inspired every time we are able to help a client with complicated health problems to reduce pain and improve their health,” he states. “The combination of health services we provide can really be a successful plan.” You can learn more about the center at

Dr. Gregory’s 2018 Health Advice:

• Movement is Medicine. We need to keep moving in order to improve physical and mental/emotional health. • Performing formal gym-style exercises serves as conditioning and practice for everyday activities outside of the gym. • Keep up with Maintenance Care to prevent problems before they get out of hand.

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