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The holiday season can get expensive, especially when purchasing thoughtful gifts for loved ones. The last thing you want to spend money on is generic holiday decorations that don’t make your home stand out from the rest.

Creating unique, do-it-yourself decorations is an activity that can help you bond with family and friends, but also give your home decor a fun, seasonal twist.

The experts at Krazy Glue suggest these festive DIY crafts that can get your home prepped for the holiday season without breaking the bank.

Statement Centerpiece: A staple of holiday home decor is selecting the perfect centerpiece for your table. Most people defer to flowers or generic baubles that can be overlooked, but you can make your table stand out with a festive tree made of common utensils. Grab some silver spoons, metallic spray paint, a plastic foam cone and an adhesive to create a DIY centerpiece.

Festive Front Door: When guests arrive at your home for the holidays, one of the first things they see is the front door. While it’s easy to go out and buy a pre-made wreath at the store, creating a unique, holiday-themed option is simple, budget-friendly and fun.

If you have clothespins lying around the house, repurpose them into something creative and beautiful this year. Create this one of a kind Metallic Clothespin Wreath with metallic spray paint, mini clothespins, a flat wooden wreath form and a strong adhesive. Simply spray-paint the clothespins different metallic shades and glue them to the wooden wreath frame in different layers once dry.

To help make the wreath and other DIY projects shine, it’s important to have a strong adhesive that can withstand the test of time. Just a single drop of Krazy Glue can hold up to 2,000 pounds and only takes 30 seconds to dry. It’s a perfect tool to have in your home for any holiday DIY projects or quick fixes that may arise.

Deck the Walls: There’s no need to stop the holiday decorations at your table and front door. Keep your walls festive by hanging some holiday themed decorations such as homemade snowflakes. All you need is plywood molding and pieces of thin balsa wood, a circular medallion, spray paint in your colors of choice and a strong adhesive.

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Metallic Clothespin Wreath

Supplies and Tools:

350-375 mini clothespins

Gold spray paint

Silver spray paint

Flat wood wreath form

Krazy Glue Maximum Bond

Divide clothespins into two sections. Spray-paint one section gold and one section silver; let dry.

Turn clothespins over and spray-paint other sides. Spray-paint wood wreath form silver; let dry.

Beginning in center of wreath form, glue circle of gold clothespins to wood wreath form; let glue dry.

Add layer of silver clothespins to inside of wreath. Attach pins by clipping onto first row of gold clothespins. Glue in place and let glue dry.

Add another layer of silver clothespins to inside of wreath. Attach pins by clipping onto first row of silver clothespins. Glue in place and let glue dry.

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