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TECH TIME | New Digital Village Giving Power Back to Parents


Founded in love and core values, Mazu is a Digital Village of caring families who share content, conversations, and fun. Free of like buttons and view counters, Mazu is about real conversations and sharing the truth. Together with parents, we’re building Mazu into a healthy, thriving digital village for all families. Share your wisdom, your talents and all the things that make you, you!

Get educated. Too often we assume spaces have our best interests in mind. We need to better understand what information we are signing away when we adopt digital platforms. And how these platforms use that information.

Find spaces that support core values. Our children are beautifully curious and when they enter digital spaces they learn from observing. What kind of values do our children learn in these digital spaces?

Support your mental health. Social media platforms are designed to be addictive. To feed our fears and give small doses of dopamine to keep us coming back. Our children need spaces that support them emotionally and mentally.

This belief in creating a better digital experience for families is what drives the team at Mazu every day. It is our passion and purpose. Together we’re building a healthy digital village for families founded in love and core values. Placing power back into the hands of families.

Join the movement and let’s build a healthy digital village together.