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REAL ESTATE | Elmhurst Native Purchases Multi-Million Dollar Lake Geneva Mansion Condos


Tina Trahan grew up in Elmhurst and now resides in Santa Monica, Caliornia with her husband, Starz CEO, Chris Albrecht. She was recently featured in Crains Chicago Business for her purchase of multiple condos located in a Lake Geneva mansion, spending more than $13.5 million in the past year. Though she doesn't own the entire building yet, she has plans for this to possibly happen in the future.

In addition to the large purchasing price per unit, Trahan has also spent close to $2.5 million in renovations. She told Crains Chicago Business, "I don't know how much it will be at the end. There's a lot of work that has to be done." At the moment, she's in the process of renovating 14 bathrooms. (See before-and-after photos).

The Crain's article states that Trahan owns six of the seven condos in Stone Manor, a giant lakefront home built in 1901, according to Walworth County, Wis., tax records. She bought the first and largest in November 2016 for just under $6 million and one-third of the second floor for $2.25 million last month.

At $13.5 million, Trahan has spent more than anyone has paid to buy a home in the six-county Chicago area since December 2015, when Citadel chief Ken Griffin sold a Michigan Avenue penthouse for $16 million. Simply amazing.

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