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COMMUNITY NEWS | Naperville Carillon Goes Purple for a Special Cause

ON DISPLAY THROUGH NOVEMBER 21 IN NAPERVILLE November is Pancreatic Cancer awareness month. Three organizations; the Joseph C. Monastra Foundation, the Lustgarten Foundation and the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network have united to light the Naperville Carillon purple. Late last week, the foundation also received a Naperville Proclamation declaring November 16 World Pancreatic Cancer Day. The Naperville Proclamation will be put up in Edward Cancer Center to give hope to patients and families.

Pancreatic Cancer is currently the 3rd leading cause of cancer deaths; with no early detection and no cure, it is projected to be the 2nd by 2020. Pancreatic Cancer is one of the most lethal types of cancer, and there is only a 5-year 7% survival rate. When patients typically find out they have this disease they are lucky if they have a few months to live. In 2017 estimated 53,670 new cases of pancreatic cancer will be diagnosed in the US. To learn more visit

Photo Taken Saturday Night (Nov 18) by Mike Catuara for Glancer Magazine

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