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SAVORY & SWEET SISTERS | Two Wild Seeds In St. Charles

WHOLESOME GLUTEN-FREE DELIGHTS Two sisters growing up in the rural Midwest, swimming in the pond, foraging for wild raspberries and morel mushrooms, walking barefoot, watching the stars away from the lights of the city are the inspiration for the Two Wild Seeds baking company in St. Charles. Susan Kritzberg raised her two daughters to live a simplistic lifestyle. Leslie followed an artistic path designing the marketing material while Katie found her passion in the kitchen among the mixing bowls and wooden spoons. With such a demand for their delicious baked goods, Mother Daughter duo opened Two Seeds to share their wholesome sweet and savory delights.

Offering a gluten-free menu free of preservatives, fillers, and artificial flavors they are gathering a crowd of customers as easily as they gather wild flowers. You will find vegan, egg-free, dairy-free and nut-free selections. The menu changes daily but includes pastries, cakes, bars, brownies and cookies. Each one using family recipes that often have a story behind them all while sharing their philosophy of fresh, small batch, rustic and refined.

Their baking company reflects not only their love of growing up among the open countryside but their attention to detail and culinary skill. One of our favorites is the Oat n’ Honey Pie made with honey from local Heritage Prairie Farms. Imagine the childhood favorite oatmeal cream pie that is packed with good things like rolled oats, hemp seeds, flaxseed, almond butter, and dried fruit yet tastes so much better! If you like the sweet combination of a Twix bar, try the Salted Caramel Bar. The best homemade salted caramel on a buttery shortbread, topped with semi-sweet chocolate. The egg-free Chocolate Jumble takes all your favorites; oats, pecans, chocolate, peanut-butter and coconut and rolls them into one bite! For a savory option try the cheddar and spring onion buttery biscuit. Packed with oats, dried fruit, hemp seeds, flaxseed, almond butter and spices the chewy granola bar is just what you need to keep going through the day. A Thanksgiving table must have is the Pumpkin Spice Cake. The moist cake is topped with a vanilla buttercream and then dusted with spices. You simply cannot pass up treats that are this good for you!

Two Wild Seeds 320 W. Main St., St. Charles (630) 797-5350 • Co-owners: Susan & Katie Kritzberg

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