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LITERARY LOCAL | Andrew Elberts of Downers Grove

e cubed As a veteran math teacher, Andrew Elberts is always looking for ways to make math a little more fun for children. Although he has taught middle school and high school kids, his own daughters are young, and he wanted to write for them. His second book, e cubed is a story about a family of triangles. There is a brief introduction about how they were named, then e cubed, the main character, shares the family’s favorite pastimes like riding bikes and eating ice cream. “My three-year old daughter, Eloise Elizabeth Elberts (e cubed) was my inspiration,” says Andrew. “I really want my next book to be for my daughter, Addy (6 mos), probably an addition sign for the main character.” His first book, Gee I’m a Tree (Geometry) and e cubed can be found on Amazon. –MK

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