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THE CHICAGO WINO | September 2017

ENDING MY SUMMER WITH SOME SPANISH It is not by accident that Spain is the top exporter of wine in the world. There are over 400 grape varieties grown there so it’s easy to find a bottle that pleases every palette. From a sparkling Cava to a smooth Tempranillo, Spanish wines are versatile, approachable, and easy on the wallet.

Spanish reds in particular are one of my favorite choices when introducing red wine to someone that usually prefers white. Spanish reds tend to be lighter than robust cabernets and merlots, but still bolder than typical pinot noirs which positions well as an intro into the world of reds.

As I write this, it’s a cool summer evening perfect and I’m guzzling down a Garnacha Carinena blend by Corona D Aragon which is delicious! This has aromas of clove, paprika and black pepper. The flavors are balanced with raspberry and cinnamon. This is a great bottle to share with friends at a BBQ or around the fire, without breaking the bank (retailing at around $14). This bottle is really pairing nicely with the Filipino BBQ turkey burgers I made this evening, but it would also partner well with salmon, pork, red meat, or almost anything else on the grill!

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer. Those chores around the house will still be there a few months from now when it is 30 below zero. Take some time for yourself and savor that outdoor patio and some Spanish red wine!! Sláinte!

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