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SAVORY & SWEET SISTERS | Chuy’s In Warreville

FUNKY, FUN, FRESH TEX-MEX Texas is the birthplace of this hip, casual Tex-Mex eatery where the food isn’t the only scintillating thing. In 1982 Co-founders Mike Young and John Zapp had a vision to combine fresh, fun and funky and a menu that is made up of a combination of southwest flavors. That became a reality with their first location of Chuy’s in Austin. Today, with over 80 locations, a made-from- scratch menu, an Elvis Shrine, and an eclectic ambiance, Chuy’s is a destination not just a pit stop.

We were promptly greeted by our server, John Boehm brandishing Chuy’s sauce tour. With pep in his step he explained each sauce before placing it on the table for us to try. From mild to exhilarating there is a sauce for everyone. The Chile Con Queso blends melted cheese, green Chile and ranchero sauce and is a great way to start tantalizing your taste buds. The Big as Yo’ Face Burritos won’t leave any room for dessert!

Try it with the famous Boom-Boom Sauce to add a cheesy tangy kick! One of our favorites is the Elvis Green Chile fried chicken coated in Lays potato chips then topped with green hatch chile sauce and melted cheese. I’m sure Elvis would love it! Add a Grandma’s Rockin Rita and take your meal to the next level. If you have room for dessert or even if you don’t, you have to try the Tres Leches. Served with a side of fresh strawberry puree the combination makes the perfect light sweet treat.

Not only is the food and staff fabulous, but Chuy’s is fun for the whole family. Step inside and check out the Elvis shrine or watch the tortillas being made. Once you are seated we challenge you to find all twenty-four tiny hidden sheep among the hubcaps and zany décor. You will find there is a story behind everything at Chuy’s–from the sauce that isn’t even on the menu to the Green Hatch Chiles. This unique dining destination will soon become a family favorite!

“If you’ve seen one Chuy’s… you’ve seen one Chuy’s”

Chuy’s 28244 Diehl Road, Warrenville (630) 393-0911 Cofounders: Mike Young & John Zapp General Manager: Larry Cappos

ABOUT THE CRITICS Stephanie (right) & Tiffany (left) Schmoker are west suburban sisters who have always shared a love for dining out and they also enjoy cooking together. They came from a family of 7 and grew up on farm with fresh fruits, veggies and more. Watch for their review of a different west suburban restaurant in each issue of Glancer Magazine. Invite them to your eatery at

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