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LITERARY LOCAL | Jennifer Clarke of Naperville

Jennifer Clarke GRIEF DIARIES: SURVIVING LOSS OF A PREGNANCY The loss of a pregnancy at any stage is a devastating tragedy. When Jennifer Clarke lost her daughter, Jasmine, twenty-four weeks and three days into her pregnancy, her loss and grief was deep. As a registered nurse for thirteen years, mostly in obstetrics, she has seen many similar sad experiences.

She never imagined that she would be a published author. Her book came very unexpectedly for her. “I saw a Facebook post about the Grief Diaries book series,” explains Jennifer. “I went to their website and saw they were looking for authors for a book about pregnancy loss, so I applied. I thought about how meaningful it would have been to have had a book by mothers with similar experiences when I was going through my loss.” Jennifer hoped that her contribution to the book would help mothers facing the same tragedy, as well as help others to understand what mothers having lost pregnancies were going through.

Grief Diaries: Surviving Loss of a Pregnancy, is part of a 5-star book series presented by Aly Blue Media and by Lynda Cheldelin Fell. Jennifer and co-author, Stephanie Malcolm work to give you poignant stories of mothers seeking healing and hope after losing first, second and third trimester pregnancies and stillborn babies. It offers 18 firsthand accounts of the aftermath, filled with tender answers to moving questions. It is narrated by writers from around the world and a wonderful source of comfort for all mothers. “Writing about my experience before, during and after losing Jasmine has been extremely emotional for me,” says Jennifer. “It helped me through my grieving process.”

Jennifer lives in Naperville and spends most of her time enjoying her three children, Jalen (20), Jasiya (13), and Jaden (10). The book is available through AlyBlu Media, and Barnes and Noble. –Mindy Kyle

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