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HERO MOM | Shelly LeGere, Elmhurst

FOUNDER OF THE ANNIE LEGERE FOUNDATION INC. TO THE MOON AND BACK It was just a year ago that 13 year old, Annie LeGere, passed away as a result of anaphylactic shock due to an unknown allergic reaction. It was a typically sleepover with friends. A little after midnight she called her mother experiencing shortness of breath, coughing, and not feeling well. Her symptoms became worse and 911 was called. Annie went into respiratory arrest and 9 days later passed away.

As far as the family knew at the time, Annie did not have any allergies, so this was a shock to all. Annie was a happy thriving teenager with a large circle of friends, a zest for life; summer sleepovers; Camp Tecumseh; Cub’s Third Baseman, Kris Bryant (#17); and a love for God.

Everyone needed something to grasp onto to move forward again after Annie’s sudden death. Annie’s mom, Shelly, decided to begin The Annie LeGere Foundation, Inc. To the Moon and Back on the day of Annie’s funeral luncheon to promote allergy awareness and education.

The goals of the foundation are:

1) Promote allergy awareness and research.

2) Educate parents and children on the symptoms of allergic reactions and what to do when they occur.

3) Work with the community to make it mandatory for “first responders” and schools to carry and stock epinephrine auto-injectors.

4) Support training of first responders and school staff in the use of epinephrine auto-injectors. See updates on the proposed Annie Legrere law.

“The foundation keeps me going ... I love my Annie, miss her so much… I find it hard to breathe,” Shelly says. “My hope is to save many lives and have no other family endure this horrible tragedy.”

Allergy families live in fear because death is a reality – Shelly’s new reality. She pleads for public compassion and understanding of this when people feel inconvenienced by peanut free tables and the like.

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