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LITERARY LOCAL | Nicky Nelson of Batavia


WHEN IT HITS YOU Nicki Elson, whose real name is Beverly Nickelson (her pen name was derived from her last name), used to be an investment consultant in the city. Her favorite part of the job by far, was the actual writing of the quarterly investment reports. When she made the decision to stay at home while raising kids, she began writing fiction just for fun without giving much thought to publication. Along the way, she discovered fan fiction, a whole world of people writing about their favorite characters and universes and sharing stories online. “I got sucked in and became pretty active on a couple of the sites,” says Nicki. “My stories attracted the attention of a new publisher, and she asked me to submit my original fiction. She ended up publishing my first book, Three Daves.”

Nicki’s most current book, When It Hits You, is part of a three-book Chicago-based romance series including When It Hooks You and When It Holds You. Each of these stand-alone novels features a young urban professional who pushes love to the sidelines only to discover it is all that matters. The main character in When It Hits You, Lyssa Bates, thinks she can replace men in her life with her love for electronic toys. “I was originally inspired by an episode of HBO’s Sex in the City, where Charlotte temporarily decides she can replace real men,” explains Nicki. “I planned on an all-out chick lit book, but then romance and developing a relationship ended up taking over the page, so it’s really a good combination of both now.”

The “It” series is part of the Amazon Kindle Select Direct Publishing Program, which allows Nicki to enroll all three of the books in Kindle Unlimited, a program that works similarly to Netflix, but for books. “It is a great way for an indie author like me to reach more readers.” -Mindy Kyle Photos Submitted

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