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DINING + CABARET | Sushi Facts In Honor of International Sushi Day June 18


From the fresh flavor to the bright exotic colors, sushi has become a staple food item in American culture, but very few people know the history behind it. So, Benihana is here to help. See below for sushi facts that will turn your readers into a true sushi enthusiast, just in time for International Sushi Day on June 18.

  • The term sushi means “vinegared rice” not “raw fish.” Vinegared rice is the base ingredient to every piece of sushi.

  • Sushi is estimated to have started as early as 500 B.C. but it didn’t transform into the bite-sized sushi everyone knows until the 19th century.

  • Traditionally, sushi chefs use special Japanese carbon steel knives. These knives are only honed on a single side to create the sharpest possible cutting edge for prepping sushi. Benihana uses these special knives when preparing its delectable sushi rolls each day.

  • Sushi is as much of an art form as it is a delicacy. In Japan, sushi chefs must undergo ten years of professional training before earning the stamp of “Sushi Master.”

  • Sushi is meant to be served in a particular way. In order to achieve the rice’s ideal “stickiness,” chefs aim to keep their rice around 110 degrees Fahrenheit before adding the cold fish. Once served, soy sauce is meant to serve as a complementary condiment rather than a dipping sauce.

There’s more to sushi than rolls and maki. Nigiri (pieces of fish on top of rice), sashimi (sliced fish only) and temaki (hand rolls), are all more common in Japan. Benihana offers all varieties

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