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WOMEN OF STRENGTH | February 2017 Messages Shared

EMPOWERING TEENS “I am honored to lead and run the Alive Teen Center in Naperville. I find strength from empowering others. The key to teaching our youth is to let them learn for themselves, to become empowered through their own experiences. I love providing our teens with a space to try new things, to lead in a supportive environment. They don't need to be told what to do by adults. Instead, they need to be nurtured and supported by us. This is how I find strength. Through empowering the next generation!”

–Kandice Henning, Alive Center

A “BEGIN AGAIN” OPPORTUNITY “2010- As a stay at home mom of 3 boys (15,13,8) I was faced with a divorce. I had an out of state expired teacher license and no family support in the state. I had to work hard to reinstate my teaching license through testing and classes. After 4 years of working my way up the education profession ladder, I am proud to say I was recently hired as a kindergarten teacher in St. Charles district 303. My boys have seen me overcome adversity and work hard when life has unexpected changes in what you planned. My students also have a teacher who is so thankful for this “begin again” opportunity. I couldn't be prouder of myself and the strength that has shined through when many days were dark and discouraging. My mantra is to "begin again" and to continue to set an example for my 3 sons. Life doesn't end when you get knocked down. Rather you get back up and “begin again”. –Allison Thomas, Geneva

STRENGTH IN MOTHERHOOD This past year I have had to be stronger than ever, and I found my strength through motherhood. I lost my own mother last December in a car accident. I was 20 weeks pregnant at the time. I am also a triplet and lost my triplet sister to domestic violence in June– just 6 short weeks after giving birth to my baby. Since, I have had to wake up every morning without skipping a beat. Motherhood has given me a strength I never knew possible, fills my heart with so much love and keeps me moving forward day after day.

–Nichole Yunger, Westmont

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