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SAVORY & SWEET SISTERS | Kreger's, Naperville


Oktoberfest is the world’s largest folk fest. Held annually in Germany from the middle of September to the first weekend in October people enjoy German faire like sauerkraut and bratwurst. Don’t worry if you don’t have time to travel, we found brats and sausages nearby in Naperville!

John Kreger opened Kreger’s Grocer in 1893 on Washington Street downtown Naperville. They moved in 1926 to their current location on Ellsworth. Quickly becoming a neighborhood staple Kreger’s gained popularity in the 1940s for their bratwurst. “Those with discriminating tastes …” begins an article from 1969, describing these brats containing no nitrates, preservatives or additives.

With large grocers popping up this corner store felt it had to close its doors but found customers longed for their brats, salads, soups and baked goods. So sister and brother duo, Bill and Susie Kreger kept the over 100 year tradition going and reopened as Kreger’s Brat and Sausage Haus. Susie explained, “Keeping all the best things from the grocery store” and Bill added, “Keeping it simple” is their success story.

Bill and Susie are the fourth generation to serve up these favorites. With Bill’s 35 years of butcher and sausage experience he has added many more new recipes that keep the customers lining up for more. With over 20 different flavors including the Blackhawk with red, green and yellow peppers, onions, Chief Blackhawk porter and jalapeño it’s a tough choice you have to make. Even with all these options, Bill’s favorite is still the original grilled brat on a fresh baked bun topped with the best sauerkraut. Susie’s expertise involves the family recipes, the baking, sauerkraut and side salads. The applesauce cake is delicious and we recommend getting there early as they tend to sell out of everything!

Bill and Susie support local businesses as they understand the importance of buying local. Every September 11th they organize a block party to benefit a local charity the “Friends of Steph”. Brats, bands, beer and friends made along the way come together. Both Bill and Susie shared with us that their favorite thing about Kreger’s is working with family and having fun. On a Saturday night you can find them relaxing and reflecting on the week.

Kreger’s Brat and Sausage Haus

605 N. Ellsworth St, Naperville

(630) 355-4418

Owners: Siblings Susie and Bill Kreger