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SAVORY & SWEET SISTERS | Frost Gelato, Naperville


It all started on a hot summer day in Rome… doesn’t everyone’s day start this way? Well it can now! Just close your eyes and savor the taste of Gelato. Frost whips up this refreshing treat daily. Offering 32 fixed flavors and 6 seasonal options of this cool creamy Italian treat makes Frost a set summer stop!

The Frost enterprise started in Tucson. Partners Ed Bruksch, Kurt Bruksch and Steve Rams saw a need for the Frost Gelato concept and opened their first location in Highland Park November 2011 followed by the Naperville location in November 2014. Their latest location moves along the Chicago Riverwalk in a cart form. All their equipment is imported from Italy along with ingredients. Each chef takes at least six weeks to learn the art of gelato.

So what makes gelato so different from ice cream? Gelato uses whole milk while ice cream has a cream base. The results are that gelato contains about 2.6 grams of fat while ice cream has about 14 per serving. How do the calories add up? Gelato has about 100 less calories than ice cream. Frost also carries sorbet which is a water based delight. Just fruit, sugar and water make this sweet treat as natural as it gets. Frost also provides dietetic flavors that are just fruit and water, no added sugar. Another scoop is that they never use any artificial sweeteners.

We just couldn’t decide on a favorite flavor! A crowd favorite is the Gianduia which is a mix of chocolate and hazelnut. How about a bowl full of sea salt caramel? Pistachio, Peach, and lotus cookie are absolutely tasty! Everyone working at Frost is knowledgeable about the velvety treat they are serving up with a smile. If you want to get creative try a gelato infused shake! Flavors like peanut butter and jelly mix up peanut butter crunch and strawberry gelato. How about a Pina colada? That’s easy just take pineapple, coconut and rum raisin blend them together and enjoy!

Frost also offers catering and birthday parties with a Gelato cart! They have cakes, drinks, mini cones, frostbites (gelato filled bon bons) and gelato to go. Ciao for now!


50 S. Main St, Naperville

(630) 210-8457

Partners: Ed Bruksch, Kurt Bruksch, & Steve Rams

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