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GOOD WINE IS MEANT TO BE SHARED My friend has been a novice of wine but always enjoyed a good bottle. Over the years with hanging out with me, he has indulged in one or hundred (give or take) excellent bottles. To my surprise he picked up a Dominus Estate Christian Moueix, 2001. He was as excited to show me as I was to see it. Needless to say I was proud.

Despite being new to wine, he had remembered that Dominus was the bottle that started his love for wine and played a big part in starting our friendship. We both fondly remember the night we opened the Dominus, 2005 and a few more after that… It was a great night, even the parts we don’t remember.

He was hoping for the right time to open it up and that time came. It was absolutely memorable. Dominus Estate Christian Moueix, 2001 had alluring aromas of new leather, blackberries, white pepper, vanilla extract and this richness I could not forget. This was followed by flavors of lush and ripe dark fruits, green pepper, tobacco and some mild oak. In my opinion, this was pretty close to perfect. From start to finish it was quite the experience.

So my friend shared a very good bottle with me. I’m grateful for that and the experience. I’ve always stated sharing your best bottles with people you love will be more fun and memorable than sucking down that really good bottle by yourself! Slainte!

ABOUT THE WRITER Eric McMillan, The Chicago Wino, is your source for lighthearted reviews of wine. also features links to fun tools like wine/food pairing, ideal serving temperatures, and "must try" bottles! Visit for a simple look at some complex flavors. "Like" Eric on Facebook–The Chicago Wino

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