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EDITOR'S NOTE | May 2016


This month we are celebrating modern moms. Though I would say I am more old fashioned than I am modern, I do enjoy the conveniences of today’s technology, especially when it comes to being a mom. Like many, I admit I’m addicted to my iPhone. So much that I once actually ran around the house looking for it in a complete panic when I thought it was lost only to realize that I was talking on it. #TrueStory

From iPads and iPhones and all of the apps that come with them, I definitely have my iMom favorites. For my little ones (ages 2 & 5), I love the SesameGO app by Sesame Street (now free) for all of its learning games and videos, and of course Netflix for providing me 24-7 access to Sofia the First which comes in handy– especially during inevitable toddler melt down moments while standing in a long line at the grocery store. (Yes, I’m THAT mom!) 

For my 12 year old who loves fashion, dance and all things girlie-girl, I love Pinterest. She has had so much fun browsing & creating boards– from the latest styles to fun recipes, it’s opened up a whole new world for her! For her and her friends, their new fave is making it easy & fun to create lip syncing videos and share them in social media. They’re having a blast with it! 

For me, my new favorite app is Rent the Runway. I tried it for the first time when I needed a formal gown for the Casa Kane County Gala in March. I logged in, browsed my preferred styles using the filters, saw what each dress looks like on typical women (thanks to the user photo gallery) and in 30 minutes time– from the comfort of my couch– I found the perfect dress to rent (and jewelry to match). It was on my porch 3 days later packed perfectly in a garment bag. Not only was the dress gorgeous, but the experience was so much fun. I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT! The price was great and I will for sure be using this app again.

So, no matter what type of mom you may be – modern, old fashioned, or a little bit of both – we all can agree that technology sure makes our life easier one way or another. We hope you enjoy this issue and Happy Mother’s Day! Thanks for reading.

Lindy Kleivo Publisher/Editor

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