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MODERN HOUSEWIVES | Naperville Area, April 2016

ULTRA STYLISH???? HMMMMMM. – Mommy Couture. Pardon me while I have myself a good giggle over here. I may have once dreamed of being an ultra-stylish mom, but let’s face it, I wasn’t an ultra-stylish teenager or an ultra-stylish 20-something. I’m more the ‘I know what fits my body’ kinda girl, or a ‘oh look, the clearance rack at Target. Why yes, I’ll get a few long sweaters, are they still in?’ kinda mom.

That may be a little harsh, but it’s mostly true. But I’m also a girl who listens to her mom, and my mom always says “Shoes and accessories make the outfit.” She also says, “Your shoe size is the only thing that never changes.” Of course we all know that’s not true after a couple kiddos, but you get the gist.

Whether your daily outfit consists of yoga pants or jeans, skirts or leggings, shoes and accessories are where it’s at. Stop by Francesca’s (25 W. Jefferson Ave.) in downtown Naperville and you will not be disappointed. This is a go-to place for me to add a little sparkle and shine for a date night or a ladies lunch. After cute new earrings you can browse the store and find a cute pair of boots, short or tall, heels or flats.

While I may not be the most fashion forward, I do have some very stylish friends. I asked perhaps the most stylish ... that means she dresses for the day like I’d dress for a night on the town, then add one more necklace ... where she shops. She swears by Ootra. This downtown Naperville boutique recently moved from Jefferson Avenue to 303 N. Center Street. Now a stylist boutique by appointment only, you get owner Debbie Jagel’s undivided attention and leave feeling like a million bucks.

If you’re looking for a more mainstream retail experience, head to Springbrook Prairie Pavilion. Here you can browse the shoe aisles of Nordstrom Rack and the ‘ol reliable DSW. They never fail to disappoint.

Just remember to stay comfortable and stay true to you. And most importantly, remember to always listen to your mom.

ABOUT THE WRITER Katie Manker of Naperville is a wife, small business owner, sister, daughter and friend, but first and foremost she’s Mom to her red-headed mafia. You’ll find her driving the activities bus by day, and laughing and enjoying her family and friends by night. Katie’s chosen charity to receive complimentary promotion as part of our Modern Housewives program is Sgt. Tommys Kids. Learn more at

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