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MOM'S LITTLE BLACK BOOK | Live Action Call of Duty™

March 2016 – GET READY FOR A HEART PUMPING EXPERIENCE Music blasting, lights flashing, heart pumping, pulse racing, ready for our next mission. The alarm sounds and we creep around in the darkness peering around the corners of each room, all the while protecting our force field and targeting the enemy.

This was not your mother’s typical laser tag. As each game ended, we began another with a new mission and a totally different experience. Competitions included team work, strategy, and sometimes individual domination. Missions included Elimination, Jail Break, Judge Dredd, Swat, Domination, Espionage, and more - totaling nearly 25 different ways to play.

Moms, dads, 20s, 30s - groups of tweens, teens, girls, boys – go with pretty much any age, any gender, and enter into a world of live action Call of Duty™; I guarantee there will be no whining, complaining or eye rolling for as long as you are inside the Massacre Haunted House playing Tactical Laser Tag. Don’t be leery of the name - it’s not scary as in haunted house scary, it just happens to be inside the now permanent location of Massacre Haunted House. Tactical Laser Tag is like traditional laser tag on steroids! So much variety with each new mission!

I think our personal favorite was trying to eliminate the best player of our group in a challenge called, Judge Dredd. Our simple task was to take out “Mr. Clean” who had dominated every mission of our day. It was ten of us against one “Mr. Clean”. Our only job was to take

him out. We each had three lives and he had fifty. It seemed like a simple undertaking since there were many against one. We lost – “Mr. Clean” ruled again! We will be back! -Kristen Kucharski

Overview Imagine stepping into video games such as Call of Duty™ or Battlefield™ and becoming part of the story. Forget about paintball, airsoft, or traditional laser tag. iCOMBAT uses the very realistic irTactical system, currently deployed with police and military personnel around the world.

Massacre Tactical Laser Tag 299 Montgomery Road Montgomery, IL 60538 (708) 320-3327

Hours Monday-Wednesday (Private Events); Thursday 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.; Friday 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.; Saturday Noon-11 p.m.; Sunday Noon-9 p.m.

Price $ $15 includes 3 missions (Additional Missions $5 or 3 Additional Missions for $10); or Pay by the Hour $30/Hour Unlimited Missions. Group Discounts Available.

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