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MODERN HOUSEWIVES | Wheaton/Glen Ellyn, March 2016

MAKING MARCH PURPOSEFUL WHEATON / GLEN ELLYN AREA – Freezing temps aside, let’s focus our attention inward & into our living spaces. First, you deserve a charming & inviting place to entertain & call home. Marcel’s on Main St. in Glen Ellyn will appeal to your 5 senses. Their environment offers a visual, tangible, fragrant, acoustic & tasteful shopping experience. Marcel’s is your kitchen gadget, dining room accessory & hostess gift destination.

Kitchens are typically the 1st room we see upon entering one’s home. The aroma of comfort food emanating offers a retreat from daily stressors. Upon entering Marcel’s, I was offered a complementary espresso. The caffeine invigorated my taste buds. The atmosphere was conducive to shopping. The employees were helpful & attentive. I purchased bright, eye catching kitchen towels. The fine prints involve owls, sly foxes & colorful flowers. Each will be a fabulous host(ess) gift when visiting friends & family.

For those looking to be eco-conscious this “green” month a place to visit is SCARCE. It’s nestled here in Glen Ellyn. My sons’ Cub-Scout group enjoyed an educational field trip there. The School & Community Assistance for Recycling & Composting Education offers in school & on-site workshops. Volunteers showed us how they repurpose broken crayons & buttons. Also keeping books, maps, magazines, etc. out of landfills. Try to find items in your home that be recycled. Instead of buying new, consider how an item you already own can be upcycled. I am reading a book titled “The 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People” & thanks to the Wheaton Public Library am borrowing it for free. David Niven writes “people who are satisfied - appreciate what they have in life & don’t worry about how it compares to others.”

Dr. Niven also feels: “we are happier when all the pieces in our life are generally in good shape. Improving one area we care about can lessen the chance of everything falling apart.” Contemplating this message, I made an appointment to do something for my well-being. Hand & Stone Massage & Facial Spa in Wheaton at 146 Danada Square West was my healing destination. The peppermint scalp massage was truly invigorating. The cold stone face treatment was rejuvinating. Amanda is excellent way with her abilities to provide maximum health benefit. A lavender aroma filled the room. Next month I’ll try their Heavenly Hand Therapy. Happy St. Patricks Day!

ABOUT THE WRITER Kathy Ruggio lives in the Stonehedge neighborhood of Wheaton with husband Michael & 9 year old son Angelo. She seeks Vitamin D via daily sun exposure, rare finds at local stores, shopping for Christmas year round & making unique jewelry for friends using Scrabble pieces. Kathy’s chosen charity to receive complimentary promotion as part of our Modern Housewives program is Jolly Old Soles. “Phyllis Parise founded this organization. I see first-hand how she helps people locally and globally. No one should be without shoes. She sends them to the Philippines and right here to schools in Aurora. Learn more at

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