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Highlighting how local area women can be the best version of themselves through everyday struggles that we face.

EVERYDAY STRUGGLE: Help! My high school age daughter has been so defiant lately. She won’t do her chores and she refuses to start looking for a job to prepare for summer. She recently got her license and we told her we’d like her to start paying for her own gas money come summer. What can we do to prevent future stress and instill in her the value of a good work ethic? –Beth C., Geneva

Some teenagers feel the detachment of going away to college, getting older and having more responsibility. This can cause irritable behavior, anxiety and fear. Take a look at her academics, sports, music, volunteering and a host of other extra-curricular activities that might squeeze out the thought of a job.

Then to help reduce her anxiety and “the fighting” ask yourself, “Does she really understand what her priorities are, and how she is going to balance that?" Start by helping your teen decide whether part-time employment is right for her by having an honest discussion about her priorities. Set guidelines to measure whether or not her responsibilities around the house are being met. If not, her privileges may be revoked. Together develop a written plan and measure from there. It will always be a work in progress.

EVERYDAY STRUGGLE: Our beloved dog of 10 years passed away last summer. Our kids were devastated and they keep begging us for another one. Though we are not totally against the idea, my husband and I are downright fearful of the puppy stage now that the kids are older, plus our house is newly remodeled including new carpet and furniture. Worst parents ever or totally justified? Help! -Lydia O., Wheaton

It's so hard to say no to your kids when they beg for a puppy. However, caring for an animal must be the most important consideration, and there are plenty of reasons why getting a puppy might not be appropriate. It's not being cruel; a dog can be a ten or fifteen year commitment. You should definitely say no to your kids regarding a puppy if you don't have the time to look after it. We all know “who” is taking care of that puppy. BUT if there a chance you are willing to surprise those kids with a puppy, sometimes you have to say… “Why Not!” There is plenty of love to go around! #ihavetwodogs

EVERYDAY STRUGGLE: My husband and our neighbor used to be great friends. They attended poker night together, coached football when our boys were little and our families were close. A falling out occurred over something we just do not understand – SPORTS – and they haven’t been able to get their friendship back on track. It is effecting my friendship with his wife, and of course our kids’ friendships too. Any advice on how we can help them mend fences? –Anonymous, Downers Grove

It's great to have good neighbors. But if the relationship breaks down, life can quickly become difficult for everyone. It's even more complicated when one spouse has a problem with a neighbor while the rest of the family remain friends. No matter what caused the falling out, it's best for everyone to repair the relationship. If your husband has an issue with the neighbor and you want them to rekindle their friendship, help him remember the good times they had. It might be helpful to determine the root cause and remind both of them that their actions are having an impact on both families and can seem selfish. It may be possible that time and space is needed. Try to remain cordial as time passes, the outcome will become clearer.

ABOUT THE WRITER Joann Pierce is a wellness and fitness enthusiast who is living a lifestyle she never thought was possible. She’s been a stay-at-home Mom for 12 years and started in fitness years ago– from kickboxing to yoga. Continuing her journey in 2011, she completed her 200hr Yoga Certification at Prairie Yoga in Lisle. With over 1000 teaching hours, she completed her associate Life Coach Certification in 2013 and became a Beachbody Coach. Joann Pierce #phase40 Fitness, Empowering you is what we do. Beachbody Coach, Life Coach, RYT 200hr Yogi • FB: Joann Pierce

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