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3 PINOTS WALK INTO A BAR.... I wish I could think of a cleaver punch line but the point is there is a lot more Pinots than Noir out there. How about Gris (or Grigio)? Blanc? Meunier? You get the point and with genetic mutation many of these are possible. I’ll focus on some of my favorites.

Pinot Gris: Gris meaning “grey” has characteristics of lime, green apple, lemon, pear, white peach, ginger and spice just to name a few. They tend to be rich, honeyed, and round. Although there are different styles of Gris I love to pair it with super fresh fish – Sushi is perfect!

Pinot Blanc: Is a genetic mutation from Pinot Noir and generally are full-bodied wines. From Alsace and Italy they tend to be a dryer white wine while in Germany and Austria they can be either dry or sweet. They offer fruity and floral aromas with stone fruits and minerality. Blanc pairs deliciously well with cheese based dishes, chicken in light sauces, and pasta.

Pinot Noir: When someone orders a Pinot at a restaurant generally they are asking for the Noir – the most known of Pinots and quite honestly there is so much information regarding the grape including the variations in styles from countries, tasting profiles, etc. Some general characteristics include cranberry, cherry, raspberry, vanilla, clove, cola and tobacco. Light to almost medium in body this can be rather versatile pairing with food. One of my favorites is duck, perhaps a Peking duck? Yes! So whether you like red or white, Pinot is right. Sláinte!

ABOUT THE WRITER Eric McMillan, The Chicago Wino, is your source for lighthearted reviews of wine. also features links to fun tools like wine/food pairing, ideal serving temperatures, and "must try" bottles! Visit for a simple look at some complex flavors. "Like" Eric on Facebook–The Chicago Wino

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