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EDITOR'S NOTE | February 2016


Welcome to February– this month we’re celebrating all things ♥LOVE♥. As you turn the pages you will enjoy reading west suburban stories about dating, marriage and more. We even touch on February home decor! Unlike other holidays, I don’t go too overboard on decorating the house for Valentine’s Day, but I have a few favorites. The girls and I love covering the front windows with red hearts and we place vintage candy dishes around the house filled with candy hearts. On the 14th, they each get a gift bag filled with favorites that they love, and even I get something special – which is a real treat considering that my husband is not quite the hopeless romantic (lol). Even so, he definitely knows how to make the day special. So, whatever your Valentine’s Day traditions are, we hope your month is filled with all things ♥LOVE♥! Enjoy & thanks for reading.

Lindy Kleivo, Publisher / Editor Celebrating 15 Years In West Suburban Publishing A West Suburban Focus, Featuring Local Faces & Places

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