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THE BEST STORIES HAVE SEQUELS Just like Hollywood’s best movies, I decided a follow up to my December 2014 column was in order. So without further ado, I present: Everything I Ever Needed to Know…I Learned from Buddy the Elf, Part II.

If you recall, there were a few basics to my spiritual Elf awakening: be yourself, find joy in the little things and don’t forget your sense of wonder (a.k.a. keep smiling, find a revolving door and stop being so gosh darn cynical!).

And don’t forget, trying something new is definitely the way to get out of a rut. While you’re at it, how about doing things with GUSTO? Gusto is not only a cool word, it’s a great way to see what you’re really made of (hopefully not just beef and cheese).

And last but not least, don’t give up. I know there are only so many times you can get up and dust yourself off before sitting atop a throne of lies seems like a better option, but the message here is, keep putting yourself out there no matter what (think: I’m singing, I’m singing and I’m in a mall…I’m SING-INNNNNNNNNNG!)

Alright, alright…I feel like a refresher course of sorts would benefit all of us, especially at this wonderful, but hectic time of year. Good news! There’s one being offered that’s as easy to “sign up” for as The Nice List (remember, there’s room for everyone) and as fun as winning a snowball fight in Central Park.

The backdrop is the beautiful – fabulously decked out for the holidays - Marriott Theatre in Lincolnshire, where they are not only wrapping up their 40th anniversary season, but doing so with GUSTO, by presenting the record-breaking box office smash, ELF the musical!

The lights, the music, the action…I feel like I got a giant hug (and not from an angry raccoon) and as I looked around, the phrase “smiling’s my favorite” took on new meaning...not one angry elf in the house!

Think of it as a fun, festive way to remind you what’s important in life – plus, you’ll get to see the one, the only…Santa (You know him!!!!) My favorite part (besides smiling, of course) was the musical component to this already heartwarming story. Just sing a Christmas song…it’s like Magic when things go wrong. Just spread some Christmas cheer by singing loud for all to hear. I felt nothing but sparklejollytwinklejingley when it was over!

Overview: The Marriott Theatre, founded in 1975, has presented over 180 productions to 11 million people, and produces a variety of original and re-imagined musical classics. Elf the musical opened October 21st and runs through December 31st, with eight shows per week.

This modern day classic is expertly portrayed on stage and makes an easy transition from the big screen with festive and fun set design and a jubilant score that includes “Happy All the Time”, “Sparklejoyllytwinklejiggley” and “I’ll Believe in You”.

about the writer Tiffany Schultz resides in Sugar Grove with her husband, two kids and Shih Tzu. While seeking balance between her dueling roles as wife, mother, daughter, friend and professional, Tiffany spends as much time as possible daydreaming on her screen porch. She enjoys cooking, traveling and yoga and hopes to one day learn

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