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​JEANS ARE THE NEW BLACK Between now and New Years, I’ve got family functions and holiday parties galore. And every year, I go shopping to find that one dress I can wear to everything. Ok, stop laughing – I’m an optimist! But let me tell you, I’ve spent many-a-holiday wishing my dress was more comfortable…or more “me”…or that it got the stamp of approval from my financial planner.

So when shopping for said dress, I usually end up in one of three places. 1) Cheapville - easy on the wallet, not so easy on my less-than-perfect figure. I sacrifice quality and fit for Cold.Hard.Cash. 2) ‘Meh’ Grove – where nothing is awful, but nothing is great either. It’s like eating a bland meal at a restaurant. I can stay home and eat mediocre food, for goodness sakes. 3) Buckstown – a.k.a. I just give in and spend way too much. Although I feel great being the Belle of the Buckstown Ball, my elation fizzles when the credit card bill arrives.

So this year I’m making a resolution, or more aptly - revolution - before all the hoopla begins: stylish not squished, chic not cheap and merry not ‘meh’…without breaking the bank.

I’ve been a long time fan of Jeans and a Cute Top Shop, but haven’t considered them for the holidays. But in saying no to the dress, I came up with an idea: focus on basics I feel good in (a great pair of jeans, a versatile top and a nice jacket) and then accessorize, by way of scarves, jewelry and shoes, so I can wear the same outfit, differently, for each occasion. Brilliant, I say…and owner, Jill Card agrees!

On the hunt for the perfect jeans, we found some that hug my curves and give me good coverage (no Spanx necessary; stretchy denim + high waist = instant lengthening!). Add a sleek tank – great for dressy occasions, or a brightly patterned blouse for more festive fun. We cap it off with an edgy “leather” jacket (get this –its washable!). Then with the drape of a scarf or the dangle of a necklace or a change of shoes, we have successfully put several twists on the same outfit!

And for those of you thinking, “I can’t wear jeans to Thanksgiving or a Christmas party,” I beg to differ. Jeans are the new black! My opinion and I know Jill agrees – you can wear jeans anywhere you can wear a dress; you just have to know the right way to jazz them up or play them down.

So skip past Cheapville, Meh Grove and Buckstown and over to stylish and sophisticated this holiday season, in jeans…and a cute top!

OVERVIEW Started in 2009, Jeans and a Cute Top Shop Is a friendly boutique that’s overflowing with wearable, on-trend clothing, without the sticker shock. Offering jeans, tops, accessories, and even dresses (if you really want one) – with helpful styling by Jill and her staff. Located St. Charles, Wheaton and Downers Grove. Watch their Facebook page for weekly arrivals.

about the writer Tiffany Schultz resides in Sugar Grove with her husband, two kids and Shih Tzu. While seeking balance between her dueling roles as wife, mother, daughter, friend and professional, Tiffany spends as much time as possible daydreaming on her screen porch. She enjoys cooking, traveling and yoga and hopes to one day learn Italian and make the perfect crème brulee.

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