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7 SPECTACULAR | Steps to a Party-Ready Kitchen

With each new season comes fun and fabulous parties– and this time of year offers the best of them. From Halloween and Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Years, we’ve set out to help you plan a kitchen party space that’s ideal for every occassion. With the help of and a few local design showrooms, here are 7 Spectacular Steps to a Party-Ready Kitchen:

STEP #1 • THE U-SHAPED ISLAND Gone are the days of party hosts being separated from their guests. Modern-day hosts invite party goers to stay in the kitchen while they chop, pour and prepare for the occassion. The large U-shaped island can be approached — and used — from six sides. One side is for seating, while another acts as the bar, and the other four sides are for meal prep and serving. Visit Q’s Cabinet Shoppe for great kitchen island ideas.

STEP #2 • PLENTY OF COUNTER SPACE Today’s hosts have many different things going on and need room to move around the kitchen quickly during prep time. What better way to minimize spills than by having plenty of counter space? From a thin-shaped ledge to a long, narrow island, the more spots to set things, the better. Visit Drury Design’s showroom for great counter layout ideas.

STEP #3 • CABINETS GALORE Throwing a party means having lots of platters and tableware on hand. But where will you ever store them? Modern day kitchens display unique cabinet trends– from ceiling-height set-ups to corner shelving units–offering lots of storage for your entertaining essentials. Vineyard Chic Kitchens now also offers NEW cabinets in the trendiest of styles.

STEP #4 • PRACTICAL FLOORING Super soft harwood floors are pretty but are they practical? Do you really want to make your gal pals take off their shoes for fear of denting your hardwood floors? Probably not and this is why it is important to talk with a flooring specialist at Great Western Flooring before you make your final wood selection. Choose elegant, but durable. Not looking for new floors, but yours need work? Contact Buff & Coat Hardwood Floor Renewal to help make them come alive again.

STEP #5 • A BEVERAGE STATION Wine chillers are ideal for wine drinkers. But what about the beer drinkers on your invite list? Enhanced beverage features include another sink that’s perfect depth for ice to chill your favorite beverages or two separate islands where guests can interact, which could also include both the wine chillers and a cooler for soft drinks. Visit Young’s Appliances in Glen Ellyn for the hottest trends at the best prices.

STEP #6 • IDEAL LIGHTING There’s nothing worse than not being able to see your guests due to poor lighting as they tell you what’s new in their life, and it is equally as frustrating for them! Be sure to have ample lighting throughout your kitchen. Dimmers are ideal, as well as counter lighting and table lighting and be sure to set the lighting prior to guests arriving. A guest should never have to ask “is it ok if I turn a light on in here?” Visit Galleria Lighting for today’s lighting trends.

STEP #7 • A SIMPLIFIED SERVING AREA Be sure to set up a serving area that is simplified by having only the necessities on hand– silverware, napkins, dishes, etc. Designate a tray for condiments and other serving essentials such as toothpicks, etc. Guests like to have a specific area to return items to that they use while serving themselves so they don’t look like they are making a mess of your beautiful display.

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