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COVER STORY | Girls Just Want to Have Fun



You'll have fun getting to know where these local ladies love to SHOP, DINE, RELAX, & UNWIND.

P.D. & Drew Menzel, Glen Ellyn The Menzel’s have made Glen Ellyn their home for the past 16 years and are raising two beautiful daughters, Drew (19) and Ellie (16). When mom, P.D. is not teaching fitness classes at the Wheaton Sports Center or Rise in Glen Ellyn, and daughter, Drew, is home from Florida State University, they can be found goofing off on apps like Jib Jab and Dubsmash! P.D. relishes in the variety of cooking classes at Marcel’s Culinary Experience (Glen Ellyn) and Drew enjoys hanging out at the Marcus Addison Cincema for $5 movie Tuesdays and free popcorn!

1. Where do you love to shop? P.D.: I shop primarily at AliKat (Glen Ellyn), a yummy small boutique with big style and a unique selection. It's so convenient for on-trend outfits for me and my two teen girls. For formal dresses, we head to Fuchsia. Drew: Definitely AliKat; they carry a lot of great brands like Free People and Billabong and I absolutely love the jewelry.

2. What is your favorite restaurant? P.D.: We just love with Fire+Wine (Glen Ellyn) - the food is fresh and inventive. Then there is Cab's Wine Bar Bistro (Glen Ellyn), an old favorite of ours to meet friends at their bar. Lunch at Blackberry Market (Glen Ellyn) is a must because I can pick up dinner to go! Drew: Fire+Wine for the donuts!

3. Where do you go to relax and unwind? P.D.: We head to the terrace at Glen Oak Country Club - wine, beautiful view, great friends. The Village Links on the Southside of Glen Ellyn also has a great patio. Drew: I go to the Glen Oak pool with friends

-Kristen Kucharski; Photo by Mike Mantucca

Rosemary Spann, Naperville Rosemary’s life is full of faith, family, friends, and fun and Naperville has provided her family the perfect backdrop for their active lifestyle. As a 23-year resident of the city, Rosemary’s Naperville home not only serves as her place of business, as owner of the Spann Group, Inc. – a meeting and event management company; but as her choice venue for relaxing and unwinding. However, she still likes to hit the town. “We enjoy live events…anywhere we can go to see live theater, jazz, blues, dance or comedy and of course, good food,” Rosemary says. “The Wentz Concert Hall at North Central College (Naperville) is a great venue.” Rosemary enjoys entertaining in her home, great restaurants and traveling; but, for a good laugh or to reconnect with family and friends, she plugs into Facebook.

1. Where do you love to shop? My go-to store for clothes is Karisma in downtown Naperville. I can buy beautiful dressy clothes, casual clothes, jewelry, purses and other accessories at an affordable price; and there’s always a sale!

2. What is your favorite restaurant? bd’s Mongolian Grill (Naperville) has a great variety of fresh food in a fun atmosphere watching the grillers cook the food. For fine dining - Sullivan’s Steak House (Naperville) for their great food, great drinks and great service.

3. Where do you go to relax and unwind? Downtown Naperville and the Riverwalk.

-Kristen Kucharski; Photo by Mike Mantucca

Julie Jordan, Laux, Hinsdale Julie Jordan Laux is almost as recognizable as the infamous city in which she lives An 18-year resident of Hinsdale, Julie and her husband Doug have raised their seven children in Hinsdale and the kids are all now in various stages of their lives. Laux founded her own business, J. Jordan Homes, LLC., which specializes in custom home design and building. Located in Hinsdale, the town is dotted with many homes she has built. She and her work leave an indelible mark for the history books.

Her passion for family, work, friends and neighbors follows suit with her love of fashion. Laux loves her town and is rooted strongly in shopping locally. “It's my strong belief that if we want a vibrant town, we must support it. That's why I shop locally whenever possible. I love walking into any of the several 'Alixandra' stores and chatting with the salespeople. Because the respective staffs diligently work to learn and know my personal taste, they are always able to help me find just the right item(s) I'm seeking, and are eager to provide that personalized shopping experience I've learned to expect,” Laux says.

As a builder, Laux needs a good foundation for a house. The foundation for her wardrobe is a dress. It’s her personal uniform and she says, “Sometimes my days are so hectic that the outfit I put together for an 8AM meeting also has to get me through dinner that night with friends or clients. In my opinion, only a dress can make that transition.” Through accessories like bracelets or shoes, she can style her dresses for all occasions.

Hinsdale’s unofficial ambassador of style and grace is found in Julie Jordan Laux. -Nichole Niemann D'Aprile; Photo by Mike Mantucca

Gabrielle (Gabby) Witcpalek, Oswego Teenagers love to eat, shop, and have fun with friends and 17-year-old Gabrielle Witcpalek is no different. When she’s not playing softball, volunteering on the prom committee, or working to save money for college, she is checking in with friends on Instagram, listening to Taylor Swift, or playing the Heads-Up app with her older brothers and parents. “When I hear the phrase ‘girls just want to have fun,’ I think of a big group of girls getting together, doing makeup, painting nails, and talking about the cutest guys in the school,” Gabby says. With college and hard work in her near future, Gabby likes to unwind with her two dogs, Zen and Lily.

1. Where do you love to shop? The Prom Shoppe for formal dresses. The staff is dedicated to finding THE perfect dress, taking into consideration your price range, body shape and preferred colors. I am also guaranteed to find the perfect outfit for any time at Bella Gia - they always have new styles and items.

2. What is your favorite restaurant? Culvers. I love the food and the people there so much that I actually work there.

3. Where do you go to relax and unwind? A relaxing place for me is the Village Grind. I always find it so relaxing to order some tea or coffee and snuggle up in a comfy couch with a book or even to finish up some homework. -Kristen Kucharski; Photo by Mike Mantucca

Temple Tsenes-Hills Geneva/Lisle/Bloomingdale Temple can be found modeling for Jane Pabon in Geneva, teaching as an adjunct professor at Benedictine University in Lisle, hanging with girlfriends at the Eaglewood Resort and Spa in Itasca, or traveling to Paris and blogging about her experiences via Pour l'Amour de Paris (For the Love of Paris). This west suburban mom prefers to relax and unwind by blasting music while singing and dancing around her house! Temple also finds simple joy in setting up a "Ravinia table" with flowers, champagne and a fruit/cheese tray in her Bloomingdale driveway, engaging with her three children as they play basketball, football, tennis, and baseball. She’s a west suburban professional with a flair for fun and fashion!

1. Where do you love to shop? I have an eclectic style and aesthetic. I love to mix and match clothing and accessories from several style genres: vintage, boho, classic, romantic, rock, etc. At Jane Pabon's Luxury Consignment Boutique in Geneva, Jane carries a unique selection of couture and ready-to-wear pieces of the highest quality.

2. What is your favorite restaurant? My husband and I are serious foodies, so we have several favorite restaurants: Bien Trucha, Stockholm's, and El Mocajete (Geneva) and A Toda Madre (Glen Ellyn)

3. Where do you go to relax and unwind? We drive along the Fox River and go to Geneva Wine Cellars & Tasting Room, sit outside and sample wines by the glass or go to Graham's 318 (Geneva)

- Kristen Kucharski Photo by Mike Mantucca

Cindy Santay Downers Grove For the girl who wants it all, Avec Panache is the one stop shop that adds flair to any affair. Just ask Cindy Santay, a Downers Grove resident for 27 years and counting.

Located in Downers Grove, Avec Panache is a one of a kind gift shop designed to celebrate any occasion with style. Flair for the home, for her, special occasions for all seasons and reasons. Santay says “I love to shop at Avec Panache because I like to support my hometown. I think it is so nice that the four owners are friends. They have great items for gifts and personal use.” Soft table linens in sophisticated patterns, fine lotions and fragrances, and the inviting scent of a candle all spark the senses. People, places, and things sum up the winning combination of the local flavor of Downers Grove.

When heading out, Santay loves a night at Capri Ristorante and going to the Tivoli with close friends. She likes to shop in town and incorporates her personal fashion style and home decor using neutral colors and solids. “Everyone (in Downers Grove) has a good sense of style and good fashion sense,” reflects Santay.

Santay is married with three kids - a daughter and two sons. She is a stay at home mom and spends her extra time volunteering. In today’s fast paced, electronic world, Santay prefers to stay connected by the telephone or note writing. With old fashioned appeal, local flair, and global reach, Santay puts Downers Grove at the top of destination living.

-Nichole Niemann D'Aprile Photo by Mike Mantucca