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SAVORY & SWEET SISTERS | September 2015, Villa Verone

YOU’RE NEVER ALONE AT VILLA VERONE A Geneva treasure just off the beaten path is Pietro Verone and his restaurant Villa Verone. Located just north of State Street on Hamilton you will find a brick and stone two story house dating back to 1849. The house itself is enduring but the real treasure is what it has held inside for almost 20 years. Pietro Verone and his daughters Nicole and Liana have created a home to share Pietro’s Mother’s dishes. The menu will take you and your palate on a tour of southern Italy. Something very few restaurants have accomplished is having delectable food, scintillating staff and a comforting atmosphere. We asked our waiter Dominic why he likes working for the Verone family his reply says a lot, “Anyone can turn on an oven, anyone can make a meal, Pietro is family.” Although we agree only minutes after meeting Pietro you feel like you are visiting your Italian family in Acerra (even if you are not Italian), we disagree about anyone being able to make a meal.

The food warms your heart and comforts your taste buds. Each dish is well prepared with generous portions. A must try is the appetizer Bruschetta di Cariofi which consists of toasted garlic bread with artichoke hearts and asiago cheese. For a refreshing salad try the Neapolitan -artichoke hearts, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, Kalamata olives, crumbled gorgonzola cheese on top a bed of mixed greens and tossed in a balsamic and olive oil vinaigrette. The lamb chops melt in your mouth while the Pollo Francese with the lemon and white wine sauce adds zest to each bite. For a little spice try the Piatto Campagnolo Fra Diavolo delicate angel hair pasta is tossed with chicken, shrimp and mushrooms in a spicy tomato cream sauce. Also a favorite is the Ravioli Zucca which consists of a rich asiago cheese sauce and butternut squash ravioli. Each dish is adorned with herbs fresh from their garden. It’s no wonder why Villa Verone is one of the oldest restaurants in Geneva.

One of our favorite attributes of Villa Verone is the outdoor patio. Away from the hustle and bustle of Third Street you will find yourself in a lush garden, twinkling lights overhead, with fans gently blowing mimicking a coastal breeze. Villa Verone offers live music outside and inside. If there is ever a night without a band don’t fret, Pietro will serenade you personally with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Inside you will find the cozy dining room to have old world charm. If you would like to dine and dance the Upper Club on the second floor provides dinner, drinks, dancing and live music every weekend. Wherever you sit you will truly enjoy this Italian family dining experience!

Villa Verone 416 Hamilton Street, Geneva • (630) 232-2201 Owners: Pietro Verone & Family

ABOUT THE CRITICS Stephanie & Tiffany Schmoker are west suburban sisters who have always shared a love for dining out and they also enjoy cooking together. They came from a family of 7 and grew up on farm with fresh fruits, veggies and more. Watch for their review of a different west suburban restaurant in each issue of Glancer Magazine.

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