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7 SPECTACULAR | Water-Filled Fun Spots Here & There


It’s going to be a wet and wild summer, folks! So grab your kids (don’t forget the towels and sunscreen) and get ready for some SPLASH-TASTIC fun. Check out our list of local watering holes (the kid-friendly kind), which are sure to fulfill everyone’s wildest dreams.

1. Pelican Harbor Aquatic Park – Bolingbrook Mother Nature not playing so nice? Good news: you CAN plan a day at the waterpark and not be bound by the weather forecast! With two waterparks in one, including swimming and slide action inside and outside, rainy days don’t have to be so gloomy. www.bolingbrook /en/facilities/pelican-harbor

2. Raging Waves – Yorkville Two words for thrill seekers: The Boomerang! This 4-person slide twists and turns before it plunges riders 40 feet. In fact, it scores a perfect 5 out of 5 on the website’s thrill factor scale! But don’t worry, Illinois’ largest water park features 8 other slides for every thrill-level.

3. Harold Hall Quarry Beach – Batavia Up for something different this summer? Swimming in a sandy-bottom 60,000-foot rock quarry is definitely not your everyday swimming experience.With islands, slides, and a diving area (and even a rental option for private parties), this swimming spot is a diamond in the rough.

4. Sea Lion Park – Lisle In addition to many swimming and slide features, this suburban waterpark offers several distinct areas for different age groups: a sand and baby pool play area for the little ones, a splash playground that is great for toddlers through adolescents, and then a teen leisure pool specifically reserved for ages 12 and up. This waterpark is family approved!

5. Grand Bear Falls Waterpark – Utica Can you say, “Wet and Wild Weekend Water Park Getaway”?! This indoor park at Grizzly Jacks Grand Bear Resort has something for everyone – play zones, slides, lazy rivers, and even a spa for Mom. Great resort + water park fun + Starved Rock only a stone’s throw away = the TRIFECTA of weekend family fun.

6. Centennial Beach – Naperville A sandy beach, right in the heart of Naperville….and it’s not a mirage! This local swimming spot feels like a day at the beach complete with Adirondack chairs, floating rafts, and sand volleyball. And we just love, love, love that there is a raft tethered in the middle for sunbathing and diving. 7. Otter Cove Aquatic Park – St. Charles Dragonfly Den is the perfect play area for kids 5 and under, complete with a large water play feature! It’s also perfectly situated within the park (fenced in but with open-sight lines to other park attractions) so that moms and dads can stay with little ones, but keep an eye on other children.

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