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Kimmer’s Ice Cream 1 West Illinois, St. Charles; (630) 762-9480 New Store Opened In Wheaton May 2015 109 East Front Street, Wheaton; (630) 765-7704 Owner: Kim Elam

Homemade with love.. and sparkles This sweet spot is anything but ordinary. It is home to the dazzling sparkle cone and to its creator Kim. Kim, better known as Kimmer has a personality that shines as much as her famous sparkle cone. She opened her tasty treat spot right out of college after her professor told her, “do what you know, and do what you love”. Her passion for tasting and creating ice cream concoctions led her to opening her first ice cream shop in St Charles. Her love of ice cream seems simple, but what you will find is anything but simple. Kimmer’s Ice Cream has 160 recipes with 32 flavors daily. The waffle cones and waffle bowls are baked fresh daily. Each creamy smooth bite is handmade in store with fresh locally sourced ingredients and no artificial taste.

To get that real flavor Kim uses Espresso from Arcedium Coffeehouse, cookies and brownies from Moveable feast and cream from local cows. Kim’s favorite flavor is her cookie dough. Also one of our favorites! The creamy vanilla base lends itself perfectly to the chocolate chip and fudge cookie dough. We couldn’t decide on a favorite but we instantly fell in love with the classic strawberry. The vanilla cream wraps around the fresh strawberries. That’s it, naturally delicious with no artificial pink color. Another must try is the Caramel Sea Salt. The sweet taste from the buttery caramel ice cream and the swirling caramel ribbons combined with sea salt make this ice cream a favorite.

Kim’s newest flavor available this June at both her locations, Glancer’s Gourmet Experience! Chocolate ice cream with peanut butter and fudge ribbons mixed with Oreos is a chocolate peanut butter lover’s dream.

ABOUT THE CRITICS Stephanie & Tiffany Schmoker are west suburban sisters who have always shared a love for dining out and they also enjoy cooking together. They came from a family of 7 and grew up on farm with fresh fruits, veggies and more. Watch for their review of a different west suburban restaurant in each issue of Glancer Magazine.



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