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HERO MOM | Lisa Kelly

Meet the Founder of Kaitlin’s Hideout Out of personal necessity and a strong desire to help other parents and children with special needs, Lisa started a not-for-profit called “Kaitlin’s Hideout” in Glen Ellyn offering recreation, resources, and support. Lisa’s daughter, Kaitlin, is on the severe end of the autism spectrum; and Lisa wanted to provide an atmosphere where families could empathize with each other while receiving education - families that struggle with children who cannot talk, are still in diapers (even in adulthood), have multiple seizures daily, eat only two foods, scream all day, sleep only two hours a night, and so on. “Advocacy is thrust upon many of us and we are proud to make a difference,” Lisa says. “We stay up to date on a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional therapies/interventions, including homeopathic, biomedical, nutrient supplementation and diets. We help families navigate through the massive amounts of information out there on these subjects and strive to guide and support them in making important decisions about their child’s treatments.” Lisa is dedicated to spreading autism awareness and educating the public. Photo by Mike Mantucca