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COVER STORY| 10 Influential Suburban Moms

April brings showers, while May brings flowers, and no flower blooms brighter than that of a mom! In light of the upcoming day for all you wonderful moms out there, we’ve created a special feature for you, where we’ll dialogue with 10 influential suburban women who are incredible moms as well!

1. Brigid A. Duffield



Mom of…5 children

3 Words Describing Me as a Mom…“Good Listener, Protective, Loving.”

One Lasting Impression I Hope to Leave on My Children…“Remember the joy I felt while being their mother, while loving their father and caring for my friends.”

In Her Own Words.... “In 1988, I married my husband, Ken, and became stepmother to four wonderful sons. In 1990, I had my amazing daughter. I have been blessed with many gifts through the years, but none more important than being a mother to my children. I was raised in an Irish family with six sisters and one brother. I became an attorney, mediator, speaker, and author perhaps because I learned at a very young age that mediation and negotiation were necessary to survive in a large family. I have found a calling in my law practice, helping people navigate through difficult times.”

2. Lindsay Stella Family Law Attorney


Mom of…2 children

3 Words Describing Me as a Mom…“Compassionate, Patient, Multi-Tasker.”

One Lasting Impression I Hope to Leave on My Children…“They can be whatever they want to be with hard work and dedication, and that whatever choices they make, my love for them will always be unconditional.”

In Her Own Words....“I have been a family law attorney for five years and had my first son 2 years ago. After he was born, my outlook on the profession changed. I now have a profound insight into what my clients feel when faced with the tough situations regarding the custody of their children. I have been fortunate enough to be successful in my career; being named one of the top 10 family law attorneys in Illinois under 40 and a Super Lawyer Rising Star. My days are hectic; but despite a satisfying (and busy) career, my happiness truly begins at home.”

3. Megan McCleary Residential Real Estate Broker


Mom of....2 children

3 Words Describing Me as a Mom....“Caring, Active, Good Listener.”

One Lasting Impression I Hope to Leave on My Children....

“Find something you care about, then put your heart and soul into it.”

In her Own Words.... “I’m a busy residential real estate broker in the western suburbs. I serve on the board of The Infant Welfare Society of Chicago, Hinsdale chapter, and am a member of the Hinsdale Cooks Kitchen Walk, benefiting the Hinsdale Historical Society. Additionally, I spearhead the Monroe Elementary School’s annual Day of Service. My greatest blessings are my husband and two children, ages 14 and 12. I hope that my children will follow my lead, as adults, in helping others in need. Overall, I hope my children find and pursue their true passion in life and are kind people. All else will follow.”

4. Nicki Anderson President/CEO, Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce


Mom of....4 children

3 Words Describing Me as a Mom....“Very Laid Back!”

One Lasting Impression I Hope to Leave on My Children.... “No matter your education, position or talent, bring humility along.”

In Her Own Words.... “I have always been passionate about helping people find their road to success. I owned a business for 20 years, and sold it in 2013. I took time off to volunteer, as my children were all grown. In 2014, the position of CEO/president for the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce opened up. I have always been an advocate of the Chamber and being a business owner I felt it was a perfect fit. It is the first time a woman has held this position, so I’m proud to bring a unique perspective. I love my job and the ability to help others find their success!”

5. Shannon Peppeard Owner/CEO of Peppeard Interiors, LLC

Town....St. Charles

Mom of....3 children

3 Words Describing Me as a Mom....“Loving, Helpful, Dedicated.”

One Lasting Impression I Hope to Leave on My Children.... “Always know the value of hard work and perseverance.”

In Her Own Words.... “I am the mom of two girls and a boy – Keagan, Chloe, and Charlie. While being a full-time mom, I also work full-time as an interior designer. I own my own business called Peppeard Interiors. I am the oldest of four children and even as a young child I had a lot of responsibility. As I grew older, I continued to learn that perseverance and effort can allow anyone to achieve what they think is only a dream. I teach my children that nothing comes easy in life and in order to achieve and succeed in whatever you do, hard work is a determining factor.”

6. Carla Jean (CJ) Lydon Farmers Insurance Agent


Mom of....3 children, 3 grandchildren

3 Words Describing Me as a Mom.... “Devoted, Selfless, Loving.”

One Lasting Impression I Hope to Leave on My Children.... “Our life isn't measured by what we have, rather it is by what we have given and how we have treated others.”

In Her Own Words.... “Raising my three children as a single mom wasn't easy. You make many sacrifices and pray you made the right ones. It’s extremely important to me that my children and grandchildren understand that everything we have and everyone in our life are gifts from God. It’s up to us as individuals how we choose to use and value these gifts. Spend time with your loved ones and always love them no matter what. Giving back, loving all people, forgiving even when it's hard to, and living a life that isn't just ‘all about me’!”

7. Cathy Liebenow Elementary Music Teacher


Mom of....3 children

3 Words Describing Me as a Mom....“Cheerleader, Motivator, Silly.”

One Lasting Impression I Hope to Leave on My Children.... “Always push yourself to do your best…and then more.”

In Her Own Words.... “My house is noisy and chaotic. There is always the sound of activity with music and sports, which is exactly how I like it. My van is in drive more than it’s in park. I LOVE watching my children in their activities. My children love doing music individually, but we also love performing together as a family. We just finished our first CD as a family band entitled, “The Daydream.” My husband and I wrote all of the music and my children sang the songs. We play at local libraries and perform together at church. I am blessed to be the mother of my children.”

8. Jane Pabon Co-proprietor of Jane Pabon Boutique

Town....St. Charles

Mom of....4 children

3 Words Describing Me as a Mom....“Protective, Loving, Adventurous.”

One Lasting Impression I Hope to Leave on My Children…“Always trust in the Lord, have faith, and give thanks in all things (Proverbs 3:5).”

In Her Own Words.... “The very first thing I wanted to be was a mom. It started when I was a little girl. After having a career in retail for over a decade I had four children in five years. After staying home for 15 years raising the children and doing some styling on the side I realized I was missing a part of me. Opening the doors to my consignment store with business partner Christina Stammen was amazing and empowering. My favorite part of the business is styling clients and watching them transform. It’s been 6 years and all of my children have been part of the business!”

9. Ann Marie Andexler Administrative Assistant

Town....Glen Ellyn

Mom of....4 children

3 Words Describing Me as a Mom....“Passionate, Determined, Faithful.”

One Lasting Impression I Hope to Leave on My Children....“Whether you climb mountaintops or fall into a valley, God will be with you always and love you unconditionally.”

In Her Own Words.... “We came to Illinois with just summer clothes and no money. I remember going into the supermarket and not even affording a loaf of bread for my children. Desperately trying to take care of my children, I sought out any help I could find. Miracle number one, Bridge Communities. As the time at Bridge was ending, I was at another crossroads. Miracle number two, Habitat for Humanity. I applied to Habitat and got accepted. My children and I have been through many adversities, but they have seen an amazing journey of where we were and how far we have come.”

10. Maureen Lein Loan Officer


Mom of....2 children

3 Words Describing Me as a Mom....“Fun, Crazy, Involved.”

One Lasting Impression I Hope to Leave on My Children.... “You only have one life so you must enjoy every moment possible.”

In Her Own Words.... “I have been a successful loan officer in Naperville for over 18 years and am currently a VP at Guaranteed Rate. I volunteer on the Jeanine Nicarico 5K G.L.O.W. Run committee, helping to enrich literacy in Naperville. As the president of my neighborhood association I help plan social events. I continue to be on the coaching staff for my children’s travel baseball/softball teams and my most recent accomplishment was winning $20,000 on the Steve Harvey show. I beat out seven other women by losing 25.5 lbs. in six weeks. I live life to the fullest and love helping my community.”

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