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7 SPECTACULAR | Places Baby Boomers Like to Visit Today


According to Wikipedia, Baby Boomers are a large segment of the population, due to the increased birth rate post-World War II, who were born between 1946-1964. What Wiki forgot to mention is that they are a pretty enthusiastic and dynamic group, who are movin’-n-shakin’ by leading very active lifestyles.

1. Visiting Upscale Salons Whether it’s a new cut or color, Boomer moms love to try new things. Popular today is what’s called an "asymmetrical bob" which is a bit sassier and Boomers love the added whimsy to this classic cut! Also on their list: flirty nails, fabulous toes, and feeling good by indulging in massage or foot reflexology. Zazu Salons have locations in Naperville, Wheaton, and Hinsdale, and Mario Tricoci has locations in Naperville, Geneva, and Oakbrook,

2. Shopping on Main Street You know that song, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”? You won’t find Boomer moms sitting on a park bench watching a sunny day pass them by. Instead they call a couple of their best girlfriends and meet down on Main Street for a day full of strolling and shopping. Special Occasions on the Avenue – Batavia,, M and Em’s – Glen Ellyn,, and Serenade – Wheaton,

3. Doing Good Deeds by Volunteering A good deed makes everyone feel good: the giver and the receiver alike. And Boomer moms know exactly how to give of themselves to make a difference in others' lives. Today, with such a vast array of volunteering opportunities, the world of volunteering is your oyster, Boomer moms! Hinsdale Humane Society,, Living Well Cancer Center – Geneva, and Celebrate Differences – Oswego,

4. Continuing to Cultivate Their Interests Golfing, taking an active role in church, knitting – you name it, they do it…and do it well! And these are just some of the activities active Boomers are enjoying. These days it’s not at all unusual to also see them join musical groups, explore foreign countries, or learn to rumba. Misty River Music Makers – Batavia,, Bliss Creek Golf Course, and Knitche, Inc. – Downers Grove,

5. Spending Time with Grandchildren Part of what keeps these ladies so young is spending time with the young ones in their lives: GRANDCHILDREN! Strolling through and learning about gardens, indulging in a Saturday matinee, or sitting beside one another while painting a pretty picture is the short list of how to spend an afternoon together that is not bound by a certain skill set or age. Morton Arboretum – Lisle,, Hollywood Palms – Naperville, and Pinot’s Palette – Naperville,

6. Healthy Cooking & Eating Healthy eating has come a long way since the days of the grapefruit or cabbage soup diets. Today it’s all about the fusion and flavor of fresh ingredients…and not being afraid to try new things. And given the fact that Boomers are adventurous by nature, this trend isn’t going away anytime soon. Blue Goose Market – St. Charles,, The Lemon Tree Grocer – Downers Grove, and Rustic Road Farm – Elburn,

7. Immersing Herself in the Arts It’s no wonder area art leagues and councils are BOOMING (pun intended!). The Huffington Post Canada* reported, in an article about being creative as we age, that those who participated in weekly art classes were in better health, had fewer doctor visits, and used less medication than the control group who didn’t engage in such activities. Naperville Art League,,, St. Charles Arts Council,, and DuPage Art League, *Source: creative-people-aging_b_5622062.html

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