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TIMELESS BEAUTY | Boudoir Photography for Any Age

85th Birthday Fun! Shirley Guendling Photo taken at Jenny Taylor Boudoir Photography

On her 85th birthday, Shirley Guendling decided to celebrate in a much different way than just cakes and candles! Her granddaughter, Jenny Taylor of Jenny Taylor|Boudoir Photography, invited her to take boudoir/beauty photos. “I felt that to have boudoir/beauty photos taken would make me feel special, and feminine, no matter what age, even at 85,” Shirley explains.

“The experience was far more than I had anticipated and I felt special, even pretty!” Shirley exclaims. Her granddaughter put her at ease and helped with everything from start to end. The session was like nothing Shirley had ever experienced before and was fun and exciting. “I hoped that my wardrobe of dresses were tasteful, as I realize a mature woman should look mature, but that does NOT mean dowdy,” Shirley says. “Jenny is fabulous at what she does – she and her camera work magic!”

After her fun photo shoot, Shirley admits that she’s looked many times at her beautiful photo album! As for others who are thinking about having photos done, Shirley says, “Don’t let the word ‘boudoir’ intimidate you! You will feel beautiful and have the pictures to prove it!”

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